What types of careers are available when I graduate from the Spencer Institute?

Coaching is an exciting and rewarding career that can be a stand-alone business or coupled with your existing knowledge or helping business. Explore the world of coaching!

  • You can coach entrepreneurs on business development.
  • Holistic Life Coaching Practice
  • Professional Writer for blogs, magazines, newspapers and companies
  • Spiritual Mentor
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Workshop Leader/Trainer/Facilitator
  • Life Purpose Coach
  • Fitness/Wellness Business
  • Self-Help Guru
  • You can combine your fitness business with a coaching practice to provide more services and earn an even greater income.
  • As a human resources supervisor, you will use these skills to further your career.
  • As a pastor, your new skills give you additional counseling skills.
  • You can combine life strategies coaching with Phone Coaching or Fitness Coaching.
  • Some coaches offer retreats for mind-body wellness.
  • Many yoga instructors or Pilates instructors become life coaches because they are frequently asked about wellness issues and enjoy a whole-person approach to life.
  • Corporate Fitness Professionals use Lifestyle Fitness Coaching to enhance their offerings and increase income potential.
  • Your coaching business can take place from your home office over the phone, or on the beach using a cell phone and laptop.
  • Lawyers can coach and mentor newer attorneys in the firm.
  • Many coaches work with troubled youth.
  • Teachers often become life strategies coaches and use the tools to assist their students and new teachers entering the field.
  • Fitness coaches often work hand-in-hand with personal trainers. And many Fitness Coaches are also personal trainers.
  • Many students decide to become a coach to have the clarity to design their own life.
  • You can become a seminar speaker.
  • You can write self-help books and ebooks.
  • You can offer success coaching to individuals in your special area of interest.
  • Successful real estate agents coach up-and-coming agents to excel in sales.

In many cases, employers have reimbursed Spencer Institute students for their tuition.

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