Mental Game of Life Personal Development Training Program

Mental Game of Life

What do Richard Branson, Ricky Hatton, and Robbie Williams have in common?

Their first names all begin with R?

They’re all British?

Well, yes, but that’s not what I was getting at…

They are consistently at the top in their game! They have learned how to generate a life of abundance, direction, enjoyment and achievement – essentially they are living the kind of life most people want.

Now an even more important question…

Would you like to learn the tricks to win your game — whatever that game might be? Love? Money? Health? Spirit?

Just imagine you are thrust into an intense, complex and high-stakes game, with no explanation of the playing field, the rules, or the equipment and maneuvers of the game. For most of us this describes the frustration and confusion we’ve felt in life at some point. The reality of day-to-day life is – this is YOUR game and the stakes are YOUR happiness. So how can you assure YOUR win?

Mental Game of Life Online Training Program

The above picture represents the online videos and workbook. This is a digital program.

What’s Included in this Home Study Course?

This 10 video collection has ALL the exciting footage from the live seminar. Inside this set you will discover the 5 rules to The Mental Game of Life:

  • Manifest your dreams into reality
  • Project a strong, confident, and loving persona
  • Release the shackles of fear and judgement
  • Contribute to a cause greater than yourself
  • Tap into undiscovered resources of energy

In this powerful introduction to the concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, you’ll learn the tricks to win your game – whatever the game might be… Love… Money… Health… Spirit… all are addressed in this comprehensive program

This seminar gives you the winning edge!

Like any other game, life has certain rules and maneuvers that will bring about positive results – and a number of pitfalls to be avoided. As well there are understandings and techniques that can make you an ace player. The arrays of equipment we all bring to our lives are our talents, language, intellect and our awesome capacity for achieving. Wouldn’t it be great to find out:

  • How to effectively play – and the many ways our thoughts can make things happen for us?
  • What the best strategies and combinations of moves are to get a desired result?
  • How to make your moves from the powerful position of knowing that the game doesn’t have to be a Win-Lose scenario – it can be a powerful Win-Win, where you win big!

Well, you’re on the right website to find out how to uncover answers and abilities to do exactly this. The Mental Game of Life seminar video package is a COMPLETE rendering of a two day adventure that gives you specific strategies for one of the most prevalent issues in society today – generating a life of abundance, direction, enjoyment and achievement – essentially, a life that you love! This seminar addresses the most important element of piloting your life adventure… the mental aspect.

Do you want to experience these results now?

  • Overcome procrastination and fears that have been holding you back;
  • Transform from pay check-to-pay check reality with 3 psychological techniques of the millionaire mindset!
  • How forgiveness can open the floodgates of wealth, health and love!
  • Create more CONFIDENCE and ENERGY for your life;
  • Rekindle the spark in relationships;
  • Successful negotiation with your employer, coworkers and employees;
  • Develop and really enjoy a healthy diet/lifestyle;
  • Get more accomplishment and joy out of life;
  • Effective communication with your kids—and your parents;
  • Take action for what you’re after… etc…

The Mental Game of Life will give you the tools you need to achieve these results.

It’s no secret – Achieving the outcomes and results you desire are driven by specific aspects of the human mind. These aspects are not cast in stone! You will be introduced to powerful yet simple ways to change these aspects so you can create more wins more consistently. This will be done with:

  • Biological, Physiological and Psychological science.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy – not “quack like a duck” stage hypnosis, but the effective conduit of communication with your subconscious that attunes you to your desired results.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming – techniques of using specific language to directly affect thought, action and outcomes.

Why so inexpensive? What’s the catch?

Topher wants to share this message with as many people as possible, so he’s willing to practically give the seminar away. Topher knows that statistically many who attend will want to buy additional products and some will want to continue their education and take advantage of Topher’s seminar specials. It’s really a win/win for everyone!

Who should watch these life changing videos?

  • Anyone who is already producing winning results, but isn’t satisfied, and wants to take more action.
  • Anyone who wants to be healthier.
  • Anyone who desires happiness.
  • Anyone who wishes they had more free time.
  • Anyone who wants to dramatically increase their get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality and achieve financial freedom.
  • Anyone who is searching for love but coming up lonely.

“Everything is easy with Topher, he makes it so that you can’t help but learn. Fantastic!”
– Nikki Potts

“Topher gave us lots of content about money and our relationships to money, had excellent rapport with the audience and I felt that my weekend at the seminar was time well spent and I will now apply them!”
-Arantza Urquiza-Ruiz

Learn how to change your results in relationships, career, family, finance, mind/body health—in life—at this introduction to the powerful concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis.

You will be acquainted with these topics and given the opportunity to sign up for further advanced education, and introduced to products that will support your personal application and exploration.

Giving action-ability to the old adage, “You can accomplish anything, when you put your mind to it!”

Through this program you will…

  • Discover the 2 pillars of comprehension. Just this one lesson will have you take all of the information you’ve learned at other seminars, and finally make it work!
  • Control your emotional state when stress sneaks up on you!
  • Transform desperation into motivation!
  • Discover how to stop having more ups and downs in your finances, weight, or relationships once and for all.
  • Communicate directly with your unconscious mind to program your brain for success in any area of life!
  • Discover magical words that will determine whether you attract or repel what you want in life! (Really!)
  • Apply Accelerated Learning Strategies you can apply in any seminar to get maximum results!
  • Master the law of attraction!
  • Create an ‘internal compass’ so your unconscious mind can guide and direct your behaviors into wealth, health and love.
  • Hold the 3 most important beliefs abundant people use their lives daily!
  • Become abundant instantly by changing your standards!
  • Make your 6 unconscious traits conscious so you can attract money, love, or obtain a killer body!
  • Understand the key to prosperous thinking!
  • Determine the 2 directions of your future by knowing the 4 parts of your past!
  • Discover the power of ‘nothing’… and how it can be the key to everything…
  • Adapt 5 Criteria for goal-setting to increase chances for success!
  • Manifest your goals into reality in 7 Simple Steps!
  • Create a ‘memory’ in your future so your goals feel as real now as your past does!
  • Project Personal Power – what’s the vibe you are sending out?
  • Utilize negative emotions to your favor!
  • The power of negative emotions and why you DON’T want them! (Believe it or not, this does conflict with the one above)
  • And most importantly… how to let those negative emotions go!
  • Free yourself from negative patterns and create new patterns of success!
  • Give it up so you can bring it in! (Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as provocative as it sounds!)
  • Reveal the 6 Surprises you can expect after you leave the seminar!
  • Feel energized and inspired when you look at your bills! (Yep, it’s true!)
  • Control the 3 natural laws of the human psyche and how they will determine the level of energy you have toward your daily duties.

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Dr. Topher Morrison | Profile

Topher teaches people actionable skills and gives them precision tools to make change that lasts and create the life they want. He does this through world-class training, service, and professionalism, delivered with down-to-earth, personable and memorable style.

As Topher explains…

“My guiding idea is to create a reputation such that as my company becomes the ‘Ritz Carlton’ of training seminars, the Ritz Carlton hotel organization would exclaim “We are the Topher Morrison,Inc.of the hotel industry!” And that’s how I execute every detail of my training programs—from the hand-crafted leather of the course source books and high-resolution, full-colour seminar materials that will become cornerstone resources in your life or career tool kit, to the learning-ambiance of my venue locations, whether in metropolitan London, or beside one of America’s top-rated beaches in Clearwater, Florida.”

A Topher Morrison seminar is not the least expensive. We do not compete on price. You could pay a lot less for a training in Hypnotherapy or Neuro Linguistic Programming, and you would get what you paid for—a lot less.
Some of the specific deliverables Topher offers with his trainings …

“I’m smart enough to realize that… I don’t know all the answers. If I don’t cover it, I can recommend an expert, a seminar company or book that does.

…If I take care of my students, my students will take care of my company. So I will be available long after the seminar has ended. My goal is not just to have you as a ‘student’. My goal is to create a business relationship—that means being there for you, not just when I have something to sell you.

…If I haven’t experienced it or lived it, I have no right to teach it. This way, you are learning from someone who actually has experienced the process, not learned how to teach it from a book.

…If you don’t get tangible results out of a seminar, then the program wasn’t worth your time. All of my seminars are designed to produce tangible results.

…The training you receive must do more than make you feel good or say, ‘Wow’. A powerful training should translate its ideas into processes that you can implement and understand.”

When making the investment in yourself and your professional competence, the kinds of things that distinguish the calibre of your education will increase:

  • Decades, not just months or a few years, of business acumen and experience in human development
  • Master Trainer credentials in the fields taught
  • Solid track record of catalyzing positive change and exponential results for students and clients
  • Critical competence in established, current and cutting edge methods
  • Reliability and longevity as your mentor and guide

Essentially, the qualities that describe Dr. Topher Morrison.


Exactly how does it work?

After you enroll by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below, you will be given immeidate access to create your username and password for your program.

The 10 part program will be delivered over 10 days. Each video lesson is about 1 hour in duration. We want you to apply and benefit from this increidble knowledge. So, you will receive one lesson per day over 10 days. When you log in over the 10 days, the videos will become available to you. You will have immediate access to the official Mental Game of Life Workbook so you can use it for all of the video lessons.

This is a personal and professional educational program, and NOT a certification course.

Note: Although you will be given access over 10 days, you can revisit and review the lessons as many times as you like. If you want or need more than 10 days to complete the video lessons, no problem. You can take as long as needed to go through the lessons. You will never be “timed out”. To enjoy the program now, all you need is a simple Flash video player.

97% of computers already have this video player. And, if you don’t have Flash, you can download it in 2 minutes for FREE by clicking here.

Here’s a quick recap of what you get:

  • 10 Online Comprehensive and Life Changing Video Lessons from Dr. Topher Morrison (high quality, wide screen)
  • Complete Mental Game of Life Workbook to quicken your success and enhance your results (PDF)
  • The tools needed to dramatically enhance your life FAST!

You get it all for just $37 (a $200 value)

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Add the Mental Game of Life Supplement

Okay, so you’ve decided to invest in the Mental Game of Life. What happens next? Will you play by the rules? Remember, winners never cheat, and cheaters never win! With the Mental Game of Life Seminar Supplement, you can reinforce what you’ve learned. In this packet, you will receive mental conditioning audio programs to help you live the 5 rules to the Mental Game of Life.

Audio 1 – Living the 5 Rules

  • Create Vacuums in the universe by turning your goals into “future memories.”
  • Release negative emotions so you Emanate a winning attitude.
  • Once and for all forgive the people who have wronged you, so you can create the energy for effortless winning in your life.
  • Exercise the power of Free Will for any situation that currently creates conflict.
  • Develop the confidence and courage to Contribute with certainty.
  • Generate more Energy in your life.

Audio 2 – Daily Meditations for Effortless Winning

  • Morning Session – Place 3 key things in your timeline that you want to occur that day.
  • 8 Minute Mental Vacation – Escape from the stress of daily life.
  • Evening Session – Release all the negative emotions that occurred that day.

Audio 3 – The Mental Playbook of Success

In life, we always get what we value. But most people aren’t even aware of what they really value. Let Topher coach you through this process to identify and prioritize your life to have the ultimate game plan.
This Seminar Supplement also includes a full color PDF playbook that has 30 pages of notes from the seminar, plus a list of all additional reference materials to help you stay motivated, continue to learn, and develop even more distinctions from the Mental Game of Life.

You can now get the complete Mental Game of Life program AND the Bonus Seminar Supplement for just $19 (a $200 value)

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