Topher Morrison’s Verbal Aikido Language Mastery Program

They will think you are a genius!

This is the Perfect Tool for Coaches to Help Clients Master Communication and Take Control

Spencer Institute faculty member, and one of the world’s leading experts in communication skills, Dr. Topher Morrison, teaches you how to master any conversation, have complete control over your words, and instantly improve your communication skills.

Verbal Aikido

Verbal Aikido

One of the key factors to mastering your life, is to master your communication.

This is why the great communicators in the world get all that they want.

With today’s competitive market and educated consumer base, you need the most up-to date communication tactics available more than ever. But, what determines who will control the conversation? What do you do when someone seems to be leading you down a conversational path you don’t want to go?

In this one-of-a-kind program, Topher will share with you the most advanced communication tactics to date. By combining the modern science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the ancient art of Aikido, Topher will take you on an adventure of discovery … one where you will learn the subtle art of influence and have fun in the process.

  • You will learn the 14 beliefs of the most powerful negotiators in the world, and how you can master them for your own unstoppable success.
  • Stop using the 2 most destructive words that kill a negotiation.
  • Start using 3 phrases and 1 magical word that keeps even the most resistant client open and receptive.
  • Discover the Zen of problem solving- going to the core of the issue.
  • Experience first hand how to control a conversation and take it where you want to go.

In this Verbal Aikido System, Topher teaches you actionable skills and gives you precision tools to make change that lasts and create the life you want. He does this through world-class training and professionalism, delivered with down-to-earth, personable and memorable style.

Topher Morrison

“It is my distinct pleasure to guide you to verbal success. You no longer have to be on the losing end of a fast talker. You can now ethically take control of any conversation, and never feel like a victim of a smooth talker. Now, you will hear it coming, and counter any aggressive on non-flattering comments with ease!”
– Dr. Topher Morrison

Your Verbal Aikido System includes:

  • 2 Comprehensive Audio Lessons
  • 1 Comprehensive Guide Book

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Note: This is a digital program. No physical product will be mailed. This is a personal and professional enhancement program. No certification is issued. When you order, you will be given immediate access to the entire program.