what does holistic living mean

holistic nutrition principles

How to Eat Holistically

Principles for Holistic Eating and Nutrition Whether you’re interested in tweaking your diet with new holistic options, or are ready to completely overhaul your eating regime, these principles will help point you in the right direction for better health. 

What is a holistic nutrition?

Will a Holistic Approach to Nutrition Work For Your Client?

Our diet affects us spiritually, mentally, and physically. A holistic approach to nutrition is focused on eating yourself healthier. It all begins with eating whole foods, that you find in nature. As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, you can help your clients heal via whole foods and a nutrient-rich diet.


Creating A Holistic Home

Holistic health and well-being are essential to overall life success. Each of us possesses an “inner healer” of sorts, which is something that is known to reside in our hearts. A proficient CHLC must also be able to listen and provide guidance. There are no shortcuts to the process of coaching a client to realize …

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