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Benefits of Introducing Corporate Wellness Programs

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Benefits of Introducing Corporate Wellness Programs

As the interest in wellness has continued to grow, so does coaching. Corporate wellness coaches are now used in business, for career development to develop leaders and to develop character for clients who are trying to become architects of healthy, rewarding lives.

Over the past several decades, corporate wellness has seen a wealth of evidence that proves the benefits of a healthy workforce. The results are undeniable: Companies that incorporate wellness programs see a return on investment of as much as $10.00 for everyone one dollar spent – and that is just in traditionally measurable results alone (48). Corporate wellness also shows improvements in areas like:

Employee Morale – Some reports show an improvement in employee morale of as much as 56% or more, depending on the size of the company and the number of employees that utilize it (47).

Attracting the Best Employees – Companies are constantly in competition with one another to attract the best workers. Companies that offer worksite wellness programs often find that these employees are more attracted to their workplace rather than a company that doesn’t offer such programs.

Reducing Turnover – Similarly, companies that offer worksite wellness programs see a decrease in turnover. Employees want to stick with companies that are dedicated to their health because the company itself becomes a part of their daily lifestyle.

Corporate wellness has become a priority for businesses across the country. Companies need wellness programs. Even without the ROI, being dedicated to improving employee’s quality of life is a moral obligation that each company needs to uphold. And since companies can benefit financially from instituting corporate wellness programs, the need for businesses to adopt effective wellness programs is clear.

Here are some basic steps for implementing a successful corporate wellness program.

How to Introduce Successful Corporate Wellness Programs

Set Goals

When creating a corporate wellness program, it is important that you don’t lose sight of your main objective. Ensure that all parts of the program provide benefits for both the staff and the company. It is crucial that corporate wellness programs are catered to the audience of your employees.

Establish a Team

A comprehensive corporate wellness program takes a lot of time and work to create and so it is wise to form a good team capable of helping you handle the project. This team should also include people who have a good understanding of the employees and who have the interest of promoting a healthy workstation.

Collect Data

Do adequate research by going to employees to identify the areas that need to be addressed. This can be done through face-to-face meetings and internal surveys.

Make a Plan

After collecting the right data, the next step is to build a plan with the goals of a corporate wellness program and the strategies needed to achieve them. A budget for the initiative should also be formed.

Communicate Your Program

The corporate wellness program should be communicated to employees. They should be able to understand the schemes that are involved, the importance of wellness, and the positive effect it will have on their lives.

Obtain Feedback and Adjust

A successful corporate wellness program is continuously optimized. The team should always be open to new ideas and feedback to improve the program and make employees even healthier.

Corporate Wellness Program Ideas

The key to having a successful corporate wellness program at work is encouraging overall wellbeing while still keeping it fun. If you can’t get your team engaged then your corporate wellness program ideas will quickly lose steam. So make your initiatives fun, try new ideas and see what your team values the most.

Fitness Programs and Activities

Employees who sit long hours in an office need time to exercise or move around. Some companies provide on-site gym services and fitness classes to help their employees stay fit. Some even have after-work group exercise classes, swimming pools, and sports grounds for their staff.

Healthy Lunch and Snack Options

Employers can provide enough time for their team members during lunchtime to hit the gym, play a sport, or even head home to eat a healthy homemade lunch. Companies like Google manage cafeterias that are able to offer catered snacks and lunches to their workers in the course of the day, where employees from different teams can interact and make new friends.

Mental Health Programs

Corporate wellness programs should benefit both the physical health and the mental health of employees. Employers can provide personal support for issues such as substance abuse, stress, anxiety, and depression. Many work-related stress issues experienced by employees can be addressed through guided support programs outside the workplace. Such programs help employees to achieve peace of mind so that they can be able to perform at their best. They boost confidence and satisfaction between the employer and the employees.

Volunteering and Community Service

Companies can organize a day can volunteer in the community and help out. Employees can form fundraisers and groups for causes they feel passionate about. Such programs also make employees become closer than they were before.

Your Corporate Wellness Coaching Career

Becoming a Certified Wellness Coach is the perfect addition for the fitness professional who wants to offer more all-inclusive wellness services to clients.  The time is now for you to enjoy this exciting and rewarding career, which offers you personal fulfillment while improving the lives of others.

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