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Sports Psychology Coach Certification

Sport psychology is the scientific study of people and their behaviors in sports and the practical application of that knowledge. Sport psychology coaches help people of all abilities increase sports and fitness performance while enhancing their overall enjoyment of physical activity.

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When the pressure is on, the person or team that falters most often does so because of mental factors like nervousness, intimidation, lagging concentration, negativity, lack of confidence or an inability to release past mistakes. You will guide your client or team to smoothly move through these challenges.

A vital part of sports psychology is imagery; the process by which you can create, modify or strengthen pathways important to the coordination of your muscles, by training purely within your mind. Imagination is the driving force of imagery. As a certified coach, you will help your clients create the images that take them to the top of their sport or activity of choice.

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It is generally accepted in the fields of psychology that all hypnosis is in actuality, self-hypnosis. In other-words, the hypnotherapist is simply a guide that accompanies the client during a process of relaxed, focused awareness – a process where they are completely aware of their surroundings.

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You will learn easy-to-use, high-level skills so you can become an essential part of your clients’ success.

Here are some examples of areas of expertise you will master to help your clients:

The psychological aspects of personality and character, influenced by changing mood states and stable personality traits

The influence of personality on participation in different physical activities and how to harness psychological aspects for the best effect

The positive attributes of sport that support healthy mental and emotional cognition

The determinants of success in players, specific sports, competition and even practice

The dynamics required to coach individuals versus groups and the factors that support positive flow for either situation

Psychological Skills Training – the cornerstone of all great Exercise and Sport Psychologists (ESP) coaching; this includes everything from developing vision with imagery to the control of athlete/player/client arousal and anxiety levels

Understanding motivation, self-determination and initiative – including the use of proper feedback techniques for different performance environments

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