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Holistic Nutrition Coach Certification

This course teaches you one of the most important segments of client health: holistic nutrition

You will learn to view the whole client to see what is working well in their life and what improvements can be made to elevate their health, holistically. In this course, you will learn to connect your clients to the key, proven nutritional factors that impact health processes of the body. To maximize your education and your client’s success, this course includes different coaching actions specific to understanding your client’s mindset and emotional ecology.

Course Outline:

Module 1: The Science Behind Holistic Nutrition

Learning basic anatomy and physiology, major systems of the body and how they relate to one another. You’ll learn new ways to view health and disease, both traditional and holistic, and discover which whole foods, herbs, and spices that are scientifically proven to promote holistic nutrition intake goals for your client.

The Skeletal System

The Muscular System and Fascia

The Cardiovascular System

The Lymphatic Drainage System


The Lungs

The Digestive System

The Liver

The Kidneys and Bladder

The Nervous System

Hormones (The Endocrine System)

The Muscular System Senses


Holistic Nutrition for Heart Disease, Conditions of the Brain, Digestive Cancers, Diabetes, Kidney Disease

The Genetic Origins of Chronic Illness

The Functional Assessment of the client

Assimilation and Elimination



Cell Behaviors



CHNC Skills to Promote Holistic Health

Comparison of popular diets



Health Self-Assessment Questionnaire

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Module 2: Nutrition Coaching Skill Development

The Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach (CHNC) Skills Section informs coaches on the fundamental skills of coaching strategies and protocols for effectiveness, complemented by session worksheets and practical case studies.

Nutrition Coaching and Education

Fundamentals of Food Behavior

Effective Coaching Relationships

Stages of Change Model

Client-Centered Coaching

Motivational Interviewing

Nutrition Coaching Goals

Stages of Skill Development

Cultural Influences on Communication

Basic Coaching Responses

Dietary Assessment

Energy Determinations

Physical Assessments

Food Management and Tracking Tools

Behavior Change Strategies

Social Network

Stress Management

Mindful Eating

Coaching Self Evaluation

Barriers to Become Active



Client Rights

Naturopaths vs ND’s

Developing a Coaching Style

Goals and Guided Coaching

Module 3: Holistic Health Research

In the Holistic Health Research Presentations module, we present the most current research to date, including practical advice on the application of coaching clients to nourish themselves and their families to prevent and, in some cases, manage chronic diseases.



Holistic Nutrition

Naturopath vs Naturopathic Doctor

Breast Cancer Risk and Soy

Strengthen the Mind-Body Connection

Sodium and Autoimmune Disease

Chia Seeds or Flax Seeds

Wakame Seaweed and Immune Functions

Fermented or Unfermented Soy Foods

The following topics are presented within the Modules of your training:

Nutrition and Holistic Health: Fundamentals

Ayurveda: Mind/Body Healing

Nutrition and the Environment

Biology and Organic Chemistry

Human Anatomy and Physiology


Diets – a Comparison

Nutritional Symptomatology

Preventive Holistic Nutrition

Advanced Nutrition Research

Holistic Food Creativity

Herbal Solutions

The Psychological Implications of Food Intake

Professional Skills Development and Practice

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What are my career options? How will I make a living with this credential?

Some primary careers include: coaching clients one-on-one in their home, your home, or your office. Many certified coaches work with groups to help more people and earn more money per hour. In addition, you can seek out alternative career opportunities as a subject matter expert, podcast host, author, course creator, online content provider, online video host or publisher of digital education products. You can also offer your services online to individuals, small groups or large groups. It all begins with you earning your credential – then get ready to go out and make a difference!

You are given everything you need to understand each client uniquely while building a successful coaching business. Register now and get started immediately.

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