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Brain Fitness Coach Certification

Help Your Clients Maximize Brain Health, Focus, Memory & Power

You can now expand your knowledge of brain optimization through proper training, sleep, nutrition, environment, skill development, neuro-conditioning and flow state

The professional training course is designed for new and experienced health, personal development, fitness, holistic, wellness and medical professionals.

This educational program is designed to give you a complete understanding of how the brain is optimized by exercise, nutrition, environment and lifestyle factors. We also devote much of this training to understanding how our brains drive some of our behaviors that are less healthy. You will learn the basic neuroanatomy of the brain, with details that emphasize the cerebral cortex and the function of the 4 lobes (frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital) that make us decidedly human.

Cellular level actions are highly active and specialized in the brain, and neurotransmitters influence everything from mood to emotional regulation through synapses in the brain. While there are up to 100 neurotransmitters in the body, we explore the most commonly referenced neurotransmitters, including dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and GABA, and the effects that low levels of these chemicals have on brain and body function.

After you complete this training and earn your certification, you will confidently support the health, fitness and wellness for your clients. For you, the Certified Brain Fitness Coach, it is vital that you know how thoughts influence beliefs and behaviors to allow your client to become a co-creator of their own life and successfully achieve their outcome goals.

Having knowledge about the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind allows coaches to understand how the mind operates – we take this one step further by considering the optimal methods to apply this knowledge in your coaching designs. This can include anything from the transformative impact of meditation on our brain and body, and how it can place us in alignment with the Schumann Resonance - or Earth’s natural frequency - to supplementation, which help support health and wellness.

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Strategies you will learn in this course, which support brain health and performance include the following:

Evidence-based science related to consuming appropriate fluids in support of hydration

Tracking physical activity as a way to support proper brain health

The use of a meditation regimen for the brain to aid in calming brain functions

Techniques to assess client sleep patterns; proper sleep has been proven essential in support of cognition, concentration, energy, metabolism and weight control

Promoting optimal brain and body health through lifestyle choices, daily nutrient intake and dietary choices.

The importance of omega 3 fatty acids, foundational multivitamins and mineral intake as essential requirements for brain health

Recommendations for use of potent natural anti-inflammatory spices demonstrated to prevent the development of cognition-related conditions (Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, etc.)

The need for fluids that impact brain and body function in very robust ways – and those that are seen as detrimental to brain health

how to improve overall health of the brain

You will learn the benefits of many common, accessible and widely used ingredients that are well-documented for their role in supporting positive brain health and function. You will help your client achieve and maintain powerful, rapid transformations using your support, knowledge and expertise.

You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to confidently speak of nutraceuticals in your client strategies - but your content is presented by a neuroscientist.

The goal of this course is to help you understand how physical health impacts our brain, and how our environment puts our brain health at risk if left unchecked. Your course materials include training that uses simple guidance for recommending specific scientifically proven supplements for maximizing client benefits. Some are proven to preserve brain function, others help to provide improvements where decrements may have already begun to appear. An entire module is dedicated to a discussion of the following (among others):




Alpha lipoic acid

Ginkgo biloba


Huperzine A

If you already serve the coaching/training industry, you have probably realized that people who have optimized brain function and performance are better able to follow directions, implement plans, remain focused and stay the course.

Now all coaches have equal opportunity to earn a highly effective credential, complete with specialized training that empowers coaches to confidently coach clients for dramatic increases in brain function and power.

For most coaches, having an understanding of the scientific principles for a coaching specialty is only the beginning. Since Brain Fitness Coaching is a very specific type of coaching specialty, applying the principles that you will learn have to be paired with proven coaching protocols to ensure your mastery of brain health and function results in successful outcomes.

which suppliments help the brain most
best ways to improve mental focus and clarity

Expanded Bonus Materials that Deliver What Coaches Need to Thrive

On its own, evidence-based knowledge sounds great – but what does it mean to a coach? To advance coaching from training to application, we believe steps required are often left out. This leads a well informed coach asking “great, I know a lot but not enough to actually coach”.

With your purchase of any Spencer Institute certification, you will receive a collection of curated content with the complementary Essential Coaching Skills course. This course will be added to your account upon logging in to your student account.

We provide interactive modules to master your coaching presence. Learn how to start fresh with a client and where to take things from there. Our mission: to get the coach comfortable so that you can focus on your client and your strategies. It’s that simple.

Decisional Balance

Motivational Interview

Amplifying reflections

Appreciative inquiry

Being skills of coaching

Doing skills of coaching … and more

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It’s time for you to become a coach or trainer who stands out in the crowd with this credential of distinction!

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