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Integrative Health Coach Certification

Consider the possibility of leveraging three distinct coaching models to enhance client outcomes…such a possibility is now a reality!  As a Certified Integrative Health Coach, you can be a force in the evolving landscape of healthcare by emphasizing prevention, seizing opportunities, taking a proactive approach, and using easily accessible data to optimize client health and well-being.

Your desire to become a Certified Integrative Health Coach may stem from a personal quest for transformation, or maybe you want to elevate your proficiency and experiment with novel coaching methods. This program caters to both objectives by providing detailed training using our own Triad coaching model.

What is the Integrative Health Coaching Triad?

To support coaching that targets optimal health, this professional training course will teach you how to focus on three vital areas of your client’s needs:

gut microbiome

metabolic health

personalized nutrition

Once you complete your studies, you will know exactly how to improve gut microbiome health, improve metabolism and provide a specific eating strategy based on the science of macronutrients.

When you become certified, you will understand how to use different strategies with your clients, based on your assessments and your client's specific goals.

This program is based on your client's biometrics and is highly personalized and in-depth, using the following to build the Triad Coaching Model:

gut microbiome and its effects on the body

metabolic health and avoiding metabolic-related illness

personalized nutrition based on client biometrics

Integrating these critical elements ensures your clients reach their very specific and measurable goals that are developed for them uniquely. Your training will guide you through a comprehensive approach that includes dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and targeted supplementation. You will learn to include aspects of metabolic coaching with your client in our Triad model, toward a goal of personalized nutrition plans developed for each client you serve. This gives you more options, and your client will see better results.

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This course features the following:

A comprehensive module dedicated to gut microbiome; known gut bacteria and the cyclic nature of the gut-brain axis

You will be trained to see metabolic factors from a different perspective. Healthcare professionals and clients all have unique metabolic concerns and perspectives – coaches have to be flexible with their client strategies. Coaches learn the importance of metabolic conditioning.

A detailed module on macronutrients and how the body interacts within the environment from inside the gut tube. This is a safe way to provide nutrition guidance to clients. Gain the confidence to build an eating plan for your client.

The scientific benefits of a plant-based diet

Factors that maintain healthy (good) gut microbiome and keep metabolism in check are addressed with an evidence-based coaching model. This forms the basis of our Triad coaching model.

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I just enrolled in this course and must say it's remarkable! Whether it is neurotransmitter production, brain health, mood, depression, hormone balance, overall well being, the gut is THE place that needs to be healthy! Thanks for putting this together! This exceptional education helps me separate myself from your run of the mill, "personal trainer".
NESTA Master Personal Trainer

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At-Home Diagnostics: A 6.3 Billion Dollar Industry

This course gives you a new opportunity to participate uniquely in the coaching industry and benefit while coaching clients to specific health, fitness and wellness goals.

The rapid growth of at-home diagnostic testing has resulted in dozens of biometric testing options for consumers, it’s not surprising that this swelled to its highest point ever in 2020. One home diagnostic test company reported $175 million in revenue, with a projection of 6.5 billion in sales by the year 2027.

Consumers enjoy using these tests because they are more accessible and affordable. They can also be tailored for virtually any diagnostic evaluation. This is nearly a perfect assessment tool for the CIHC.

At-home diagnostics are helping to fuel the need for Integrative Health Coaches. While extremely convenient, many consumers need support, direction or information related to test results. When you become a CIHC, you will feel confident talking with your client about these vital matters of good health. Getting certified will arm you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to facilitate successful client outcomes.

What are my career options? How will I make a living as a Certified Integrative Health Coach?

Some of your income opportunities include: coaching clients one-on-one in their home, your home, or remotely from your office. Many coaches deliver service in groups to help more people and greater earning potential. In addition, you can seek out alternative opportunities as a blogger/writer, podcast host, professional speaker, or start a YouTube channel for subscribers. You can also offer your services online to individuals, small groups or large groups. Or, simply add this service to your existing coaching business. So, earn your credential – become qualified – then get ready to go out and make a difference!

You are given everything you need to learn, understand, help your clients and succeed professionally. Register now and get started immediately.

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