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Professional Speaker Certification & Business System

Professional speakers may be hired to speak at conferences, corporate events, seminars, workshops, and of course, sport and fitness conferences. They may speak on a variety of topics such as leadership, motivation, sales, marketing, communication, personal development, and more.

This is the most complete professional speaker certification program available. It covers every facet of what it takes to make sure you are making the best impression possible every time you get on stage or video.

FREE BUSINESS & MARKETING TRAINING SYSTEM: When you register, you will also receive, AT ZERO COST, the Online Coaching and Training Course and Business System. It is a comprehensive program including detailed training on business set-up, marketing, personal branding, sales, social media marketing, online coaching/training, personal development training, video marketing, advertising, networking and much more. This is a $375 value you get for FREE.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you ever wanted to go live on Facebook but didn’t because you don’t want to look like you don’t know what you’re doing?

We don’t blame you.

We’ve all seen endless videos of people broadcasting live on social media trying to promote their company or brand, only to repel people further away because they are not prepared. Or maybe they’re prepared, but they look nervous. Or maybe they’re confident, but they can’t seem to hold the camera steady, so they look like they are a war correspondent running through a minefield.

The reasons why someone can ruin their image on Facebook live or any streaming service is real; and the professional who takes pride in what he or she does, and wants to connect in a way that reflects that professionalism, is smart to realize this and seek help.

Gain the skills and confidence needed to appear on camera!
Experience the Excitement of an Audience Hanging onto Every Word You Say!

After completing this course, you’ll feel confident negotiating your speaking engagement fees, and make money even when they say they can’t afford to pay you. You’ll learn about the provisions that are included in Topher Morrison’s standard speaking engagement contract (for which he paid over $3,000 to have drafted).

You’ll learn how one simple sheet of paper can be your most powerful marketing tool and get you booked ten times faster than any other technique.

Imagine being so prepared that if someone calls to ask you to speak the next day, you don’t even panic, since you’ll be able to confidently accept the offer, show up, and hit it out of the ballpark with your presentation.

Imagine being so well-regarded as a speaker that every time you do a speaking engagement, people come up to you, asking for your contact information because they want to do business with you.

Imagine standing up in front of a group of qualified prospects and speaking with such clarity and projecting so much power that you see the smiles on their faces and their heads nodding; and at the end of your speech, they surround you, wanting to learn more.

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