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“In the past, I worked at gyms and health clubs. I loved training and coaching my clients yet I didn’t want my worth determined by my boss and I needed a change. With the help of the Spencer Institute, my goals became my reality. I started my own business I learned to market myself and get a lot of clients. Today I still work hard but I am in control. I determine my schedule. I have more time for my family and nobody is holding me back. I’m building my dream. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment and my future is bright. You can now experience the same. The Spencer Institute will support you each step of the way.” – Avi Greene Personal Fitness Chef, Nutrition and Fitness Expert

“I added in the Holistic Life Coach from the Spencer Institute because I saw how well it compliments being a Personal Fitness Trainer. I am helping my clients create lasting change and make a difference in their life. The best part is that I work from home. I don’t have to worry or stress about being in traffic or driving to a gym. Everything I need is right at my fingertips. I have a small studio inside my home and in my backyard. I have created a wonderful space to hold group classes. Working from home gives me so much more flexibility in my schedule. The best part of being a Spencer Institute student is the myriad of certifications that are available. I love to learn, especially when I know that it is going to help my clients, friends, family, and loved ones. I just finished the Personal Fitness Chef course from Spencer Institute and I cannot recommend it enough. Being a Spencer Institute and NESTA certified coach has opened so many opportunities for me and I highly recommend it, especially for people who have a passion and excitement for helping others live happier and healthier lifestyles.” – Dara Fischetti Certifed Coach and Trainer

“Although I have learned a lot through the process of losing 125 pounds I knew that I needed professional credentials and certifications to properly launch my career. NESTA and the Spencer Institute have become my go-to for one-stop education and certifications. The courses are affordable, and the education is priceless, especially with such an extensive list of course offerings. I’ve been able to implement so many new skills to not only help my clients be successful but also leverage and move my business forward. There are dozens of professional training courses that will give you everything you need to build your ideal business or land your dream job. I am now a certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist, Certified Physique and Figure Training Specialist, and a Certified Online Coach. I am currently working through the Sports Psychology Coach Certification and will be following that up with the Integrative Health Coach certification. I am so incredibly grateful for all that the Spencer Institute and NESTA offer.” – Christa Pepper Certified Coach and Trainer

“I’ve loved sports and movement and playing my entire life. As I grew older I found my purpose in helping others educate themselves about their body, their mind, and their movement. I needed a path and the path came and represented itself in the Spencer Institute and NESTA programs. During the week I train fitness clients, private yoga instruction, and yoga classes, and offer one-on-one life coaching. I am able to do all this after learning through three Spener Institute and NETSA certification programs that suited my personal interests. One of the most amazing parts of my job is meeting so many different people with different interests and capabilities. They all have a special story and they all need help, and I have the opportunity to use my education and my foundations of knowledge to assist them towards their goals. Every day I create my own hours, design my own programming and help others exactly how I would like to help them. Because of the opportunity, I’ve been given I now get to create my own schedule and that leaves me with so much extra time for doing what I love. I’ve always been fit and played sports, but I kept working jobs where I never felt fulfilled. Now I get to take my passion for fitness, wellness, yoga, and movement and I get to help others. If you have been thinking about becoming a trainer or a coach now at the time – NESTA and Spencer Institute have given me the opportunity to live my dream.” – Aubrie Pohl Master Health and Wellness Coach & Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

“I love the unique course offerings from the Spencer Institute. For example Brain Fitness Coaching, Holistic Nutrition, and their latest Integrative health coach. No one else offers these unique courses that directly impact health outside of the weight room. Fitness is so much more than strength training. The importance of the gut microbiome is not discussed in any other course like theirs. Exceptional school good pricing and exceptional support. Industry vet gives both NESTA and the Spencer Institute two thumbs up! – Dr. Phil Nicolaou Philadelphia Personal Trainer

Since completing my Spencer Institute certification I have launched my life coaching business online and locally. Holistic life coaching was a great fit for my areas of expertise because since I was a little girl I was always drawn to everything mind, body, and spirit. I work with people internationally via online and phone and I meet with people in-home, locally. The month I launched my company, I already had over a handful of clientele and two long-term contracts. It has been quite a ride since I started, but I am happy to say that I learned so much that I was able to do everything as a true solopreneur! – Sabrina D. McGrory Certified Spencer Institute Wellness Coach

Since becoming a Certified Spencer Institute Wellness Coach, I created 21 Days to Well, a powerful program designed to help participants find true, holistic wellness. Most folks look at me today and think, “Wow, she must have always been healthy and happy!” But when I hear that, I have to laugh, because I remember how much I struggled with being overweight, feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage and feeling completely hopeless for any change in the future. I became a Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coach and started my own business. Now I get to do exactly what I want every single day! – Amy Linda Miller Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coach

The NESTA and Spencer Institute training I received was invaluable in boosting both my drive and confidence. I have totally caught many in my local community by surprise. I must say how great it feels to be able set and reach goals, while gaining the respect from my peers and the community around me. NESTA and the Spencer Institute have truly put together valuable certification programs that are fun to learn and rewarding to have. – Parris Walton Certified Spencer Institute Holistic Life Coach, Certified Stress Management Coach and NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer If you have a testimonial or review for a Spencer Institute course or certification, let us know and use the Google review link below!

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