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Holistically Fit – The Complete Solution to Optimal Fitness and Wellbeing

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The whole picture – What it takes to be HOLISTICALLY fit.

The popularized approach to fitness is dead! Isolation in exercise programs, or in
fitness philosophy is no longer good enough for our fellow men and women in need of a
fitness solution. People today are looking for real and permanent change. Even though
most people have less time and less money to spend, they still want results.

But, with the complex conditions of individuals and collectively our society, to isolate any one aspect
of a holistic system to the neglect of all others is even more dangerous than just ignoring
the dysfunction. To create a true long lasting change, we need to address the entire system.

Some people may say fitness is relative to function, but when I speak of holistic
fitness, the functions I refer to are living and expressing. A truly fit person has the ability
to utilize their body in any manner they choose. Through the uninhibited use of the body,
we are expressing our spirit. It is very simple. Think of how frustrating it is when you
get sick or injured, and your ability to function is inhibited in some manor. If you can’t
express yourself, you are not truly living, and if you are not truly living, I would argue
that you are not healthy.

My goal is to help people balance their bodies so they can realize their full
potential to express their spirit. Although every person is different, I address all my
client’s issues from four basic but critical aspects. Consider how these are addressed in
your current fitness program.

1. Physical Fitness
Getting the body moving is critical. There are many circulations that occur in the
body that are enhanced when the body is in motion. Once the body stops moving, these
circulations begin to stagnate and eventually stop. Just imagine if the Earth stopped
spinning, would the tide stop as well? How about the jet streams, or ocean currents? How
about all life?
In addition, the body must be balanced. This is important in the relationships of
muscles and symmetry in movement. Our external movement and balance have a direct
effect on the internal movement and balance.

2. Nutrition
It is difficult enough for some people to eat when they should, but we have to go
even further and figure out which foods are right for each individual. A standardized diet
is disrespectful to our individuality. We must exercise some mindfulness in making
dietary choices, and pay attention to how we feel and perform. Those choices affect the
body from the time of selection, to the time of excretion.
If we make the right food choices, we optimize our body’s ability to maintain,
heal, and grow. Good input equals good output.

3. The Mind
The mental outlook or attitude, and emotions can be road blocks to any success
while on a quest for change. Learning to quiet the mind and transmute the emotions
through meditation and mantras, and developing an unshakable positive mental attitude
can be a catalyst for massive results. Most people are victims of their own minds, but
once you regain the reigns, you have powerful force multiplier on your side.

4. Energetics
Everything in the universe is energy. We need to learn to feel this energy in our
bodies and environment, before we can work with it. Learning to manipulate and
cultivate the body’s subtle energy (Chi) can be very helpful in healing, rehabilitating, and
re-invigorating ourselves. Practicing these skills also works to develop sensitivity and
increased awareness of the internal functions of the body, and the external happenings of
our surroundings. As we lose this energy, we also lose awareness, and that becomes the
first domino in the cascade which can lead to dysfunction, injury, illness, and death.

The path taken in your journey to become healthier and happier is ultimately
yours alone. Just keep in mind that there is an intimate link between mind, body, and
spirit that cannot be ignored. One cannot function without the others, and they don’t
function well in disharmony. If your goal is to be truly healthy, truly alive, then consider
a holistic approach to your training. Don’t be afraid to realize your potential and express
your spirit.


JD Smith is a Spencer Institute trained Mind Body Fitness Coach. In addition,
he is certified as a Personal Trainer, Holistic Life Coach, Qi Gong Instructor and
Reiki Healer. He operates his coaching business, Smith Holistic Fitness in Oceanside
CA. For information please visit http://smithholisticfitness.com or email directly at

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