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Master Health & Wellness Coach Certification

If you’re a coach looking to enhance your coaching proficiency and broaden your knowledge in health and wellness coaching, our Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach program is tailored for you. By integrating best-practice coaching strategies with a dynamic learning atmosphere, this course will boost your confidence and ensure better client results. Experience better outcomes and move the coaching industry forward with skills learned in our Certified Master Health Coach program.

Master Health & Wellness Coach


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With our Master Health & Wellness Coach Certification program you will learn how to build a new coaching model, based on a higher level of communication you share with your client. This master level program explores the dynamics of a co-active coach/client relationship that is client-centered.

Learning Objectives:
Introduction to course and contents, Coaching Cores, Stages of Change and Setting the Foundation for Coaching, Client Communications – Listening, Client Communications – Powerful Questioning, Client Communications – Fostering Client Awareness, Motivational Interviewing, Designing Actions to Endure

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Master Health & Wellness Coach & Wellness coach



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SAVE money and purchase both the Certified Master Health & Wellness Coach and Certified Wellness Coach programs!

Earn both certificaitons and work with a wide range of clients. Help more people enhance their health, vitality, energy and overall happiness.

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FREE BUSINESS & MARKETING TRAINING SYSTEM: When you register, you will also receive, AT ZERO COST, the Online Coaching and Training Course and Business System. It is a comprehensive program including detailed training on business set-up, marketing, personal branding, sales, social media marketing, online coaching/training, personal development training, video marketing, advertising, networking and much more. This is a $375 value you get for FREE.


Curated Collection of Health & Wellness Education Videos to Enhance Your Learning: To further improve your educational experience, we are giving you exclusive access to 10 training videos which go into depth about applications as a health and wellness coach. As an example, you will learn somatic coaching, nutrition education, healthy behavior applications, and much more. Each bonus video has a run time of 20 – 60 minutes.

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