How to Improve Communication With Your Coaching Team

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Improving Communication With Your Team

How your team interacts with clients can make all the difference in whether your business grows. And helping your team realize how their communication skills affect clients, even if it’s just via nonverbal cues, can enhance their ability to understand the needs of your clients.

Tody we are sharing some of our favorite strategies for opening the lines of communication and foster an environment of collaboration.

Have a shared vision & Set Goals

In order to have solid communication with your clients, you have to make sure your team is on the same page.

What is the vision for your company? Do you have a clear end goal? Is your plan to grow local clientele as fast as possible? Or is it to gain a smaller, highly dedicated following?

Looking at your sales funnel and the overall vision for the company is the best place to start as it is the foundation upon which the business is built. Your team wants to know the vision. They want to have a clear understanding

Open Levels of Communication

Just as important as the goals and vision, is the ongoing communication of this vision through one-on-one meetings as well as group meetings. Having an open-door policy when it comes to meeting with your team is huge.

People need to know that they can talk about anything. This helps your team feel more comfortable, which will directly impact how comfortable they will make their clients feel. When people aren’t given a voice to speak up that they begin to grumble and get stressed out.

Be Quick to Show Appreciation & Slow to Criticize

The best way to do this? With the power of your words. It’s amazing at how a work environment can shift from moment to moment depending on the interactions each team member has with one another. Every interaction is an opportunity to spread positivity or negativity. Will this be another gossip-inspired conversation? Or will it be an uplifting, encouraging one?

Getting Started

When you take your coaching/training business online, the entire world is your client base.  The reason coaches and trainers like you haven’t gone online yet is simple – they didn’t know how.

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