How to make more than $80,000 per year with a Personal Fitness Chef and Meal Prep Business

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What is a Personal Fitness Chef?

First, let’s talk about what it is to be a Personal Fitness Chef. Obviously, you have heard of a personal chef. Someone who can come into your home and cook for you or someone who has a kitchen where they cook and prepare the meals and bring them to you. Well, people hire personal chefs for many reasons, although there are two primary reasons.

First, they are very busy. They may be an executive or a busy parent, they simply have an impacted schedule that doesn’t allow them the opportunity to cook each day, especially in a healthy way.

Secondly, people often hire a personal chef because they want to lose weight, get healthier, improve the overall health of their family, and possibly for specific medical reasons as well. So, because of this latter reason, people are more likely to hire a chef that focuses on health and fitness rather than just a chef who can cook delicious meals. Certainly, a health-oriented chef can cook delicious meals as well.

Meal Prep Business Ideas

As for a meal prep business, this can take on two different farms.

In one instance, it can simply be another way of describing a personal chef service.

On the other hand, the personal chef can prepare the primary, or raw, ingredients with specific instructions for heating or cooking when the customer is ready. Depending on the meal, this can lengthen the time the meals can remain fresh and viable.  

Meal Prep for Corporations and Other Businesses

We know of some of our graduates who focus on providing healthy meals for various corporations for multiple employees each day. This has many strategic advantages. First, you have many customers who will rave about your product to the other employees which is a simple and free referral service. In some cases, because directly and indirectly, the company benefits from healthier employees, it’s possible they might subsidize some of the cost of your meals to their employees. Still, in other cases, you might provide the service to memorize corporations that are all proximal to each other within a corporate business park.  

Another benefit of providing this service to corporations is that your delivery can all be to the same general area which saves you time. And, it gives you enough time in the morning to do the cooking and the preparatory work.  Aside from just going in and speaking to a human resources department or management, another avenue to present this service is when you also have professional certification in nutrition. You can offer a lunchtime nutrition seminar to the employees for free or for a very low flat rate paid for by the management. Even if you did it for free, you can offer your meal prep service to the employees at the conclusion of your seminar. It’s quite possible you could earn thousands of dollars per month in ongoing revenue with a large enough corporation with enough employees.  Now imagine replicating that same process with several other businesses in that general business center within your city. How quickly would you gain many customers that are all proximal to one another which makes your job faster and easier?

So, how would you communicate with an HR Director of a company, and get them to consider your offer?

  • Identify their pain points
  • Create content offers that address a specific pain point where you can solve a problem
  • Be helpful, not promotional (there will be an opportunity to offer paid services later)
  • Develop case studies

If you want to bypass the “corporate route” you have many other options.

Meal Prep and Personal Chef Services at Fitness Facilities

You can offer a similar service to local gyms.  In most cases, you’ll likely have the best results working with small gyms, boutique studios, and personal training facilities.  It’s just easier to build a relationship with a small fitness center.  And, they have plenty of members who will want your service. 

You may decide to focus on a particular type of food or meal plan.  You can specialize in keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, or similar.  The benefit to this business niching is that you will have far fewer competitors. Many times, smaller fitness studios may advocate a particular type of diet.  You can search for those and directly offer your services to complement the ideology of the gym.

In many cases, a chef or meal prep business will work with individuals and families who simply want healthy, tasty food that they don’t have to cook themselves.  They want something delicious, reasonably priced, and… something THEY don’t have to cook themselves. 

Meal Prep Business Costs and Examples

So, how many meals does someone buy at a time?

It depends.

It depends on your offerings, their budget, and if they think they will be traveling or eating out with clients (as an example).

You get in with a large company and offer lunch 5x/week for 30 employees. Each lunch is $15.

That’s $450/day or $2,250/week or $117,000/year

You service two local gyms/fitness studios and have 20 clients from each location. 40 total clients. Each person buys 15 meals per week. Each meal is $13. That is $7,800/week or $405,600/year

You have 30 private clients who buy lunch and dinner from you for five days per week (M-F) (10 meals). Each meal is $12. That’s $3,600/week or $187,200/year

What are your costs?

It depends.

Usually, food costs can range from 25-40%.  When you learn how to shop from the right sources, these costs go way down.  Your margins improve. 

Of course, there are other costs, but they can be minimized when you follow our proven system.  And, as part of our proven system, you get complete business training which includes everything from setting up a bank account to getting clients from YouTube and all points in between.  The Personal Fitness Chef is very comprehensive and fun.  You will be shocked how quickly you can get started no matter where you live, or your previous experience with food, nutrition or cooking.

Let’s work together to ensure your success.

If this idea intrigues you, you’ll want to click over and get the details now so you can get started.

Stay healthy!

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