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Why Having a Premium Linkedin Account Is A Must For Life Coaches

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Why Coaching Professionals Need a Linkedin Premium Account

LinkedIn is a social media website that was created to provide individuals with an exceptional connection and networking based platform. Like many useful networking and connection tools on the Internet, LinkedIn is free to use. You do, however, have the option of signing up and paying for a premium LinkedIn account instead.

The question most life coaches have when they are setting up a profile online is simple: is it worth it to have a premium LinkedIn account? The short answer is – yes, there are a number of benefits to investing in a premium account.

You Get To See Who Has Viewed Your Profile

With your premium LinkedIn account, you gain full access to a page called “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”. Free LinkedIn members do have access to this page, but they can only see the last five individuals to look at their profile. As a premium member, you can see a complete list of anyone who has looked at your profile in the last 90 days.

Why is This Beneficial?

Knowing who has looked at your profile provides you with the opportunity to reach out to people who may have been too shy to reach out to you. There are three different types of people who are going to view your profile that you should consider reaching out to:

  • Other Life Coaches
  • Professionals Who Work With Life Coaches
  • Individuals Looking For Life Coaches

Reaching out to other life coaches is beneficial because you can exchange ideas. Also, the other life coach could find themselves in a situation where one of their clients does not work well with them, they’ve gotten sick, or their schedule is too busy to take on new clients. Having connected with you on LinkedIn, they could refer potential clients to you.

Networking with professionals who would work with life coaches or refer people to life coaches is just a great way to attract potential clients. A nutritionist, for example, would be a great contact to have. You can refer clients to them and they can do the same for you.

Reach out to anyone who has a profile on LinkedIn that suggests they are looking for or in need of a life coach.

Use InMail to Connect with People

How many times do you open an email notification you get from LinkedIn and read it? Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t. InMail, on the other hand, has a much higher conversion rate. With InMail, you also get a guaranteed response. In seven days, if the individual does not respond to your InMail, you will be credited with another one to send to someone else.

Any member can purchase InMail credits, but a premium member gets a number of free credits each month. Then, you have 90 days to use them before they expire. You also have a higher limit on the number of InMail credits you can purchase each month if you need additional credits.

In Conclusion

In addition to your skillset, part of being a successful life coach is just having a network of people to coach as well as people to share your coaching techniques with. Investing in a premium LinkedIn account allows you to maximize the ways the account can help you and your career.

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