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Inexpensive Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Coaching Business

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low-budget marketing ideas for coaches

To get clients, you must market your coaching business. But if your coaching business is running on a shoestring, you probably can’t spend on billboards and radio ads. You need to find effective, low-cost marketing methods.

The following are some ideas to help you get started, and market yourself in an economic way.  Please keep in mind, there are exceptions to every rule, and depending upon your demographic location, these tips will have a greater effect in some places than in others.

1.  Join your Chamber of Commerce

When someone joins the Chamber of Commerce, it says, “I am employed, and I have disposable income, and I’m willing to invest it in things that will help me succeed.”  In addition to marketing yourself to gainfully employed people who will be able to hire you for services, most members of Chambers of Commerce support heavily the idea of referrals and networking. 

Unfortunately, most people join Chambers thinking that once they join, the business will start to roll in. This is not true.  You must take time to cultivate relationships inside the chamber.  If you are a consistent presence in your chamber, it will eventually pay off.  Remember, even if there aren’t sports personalities or athletes there, you never know who may be related to an athlete.

2.  Speak whenever you can, wherever you can

Health clubs, yoga studios, hair salons, martial arts studios, bike shops, running stores, Chambers of Commerce, schools, & churches – all of these places are usually very willing to have guest speakers. Create a 30-minute presentation that you can use to enlighten people on the benefits of your niche.  When you are finished with your presentation, leave plenty of your brochures and business cards so they can contact you if they are interested.

3.  Use executive office suites for office space

Most people believe that the first thing they need to do is rent a beautiful office in order to start their business.   THIS IS THE LAST THING YOU SHOULD DO.  First, start off with executive office suites.  These are offices that you can rent by the hour.  They are fully furnished, and all you have to do is bring in your stereo and framed certification to place on the bookshelf, and you have a mobile office. 

Once you are working enough to spend more money on executive office suites, then you know it is time to rent an office of your own.  Another viable option is for you to find 5 locations strategically located within a specific geographic area and work one day each week out of each office.  You can maximize your advertising dollar this way.  

4.  Set up a merchant account

The public will perceive your company as being much more stable if you can accept Visa & MasterCard.   Remember, everyone may not have $300 cash, but almost everyone has $300 on a credit card.  You are much more apt to receive business if you can accept credit cards.

5.  Send postcards to past clientele 5 times each year

Believe it or not, your clients will forget your name and lose your phone number.  But if you remain in contact with them throughout the year, they will be able to send you referrals when people ask them what they attribute their success in their sport too.  Do not send postcards of your face and business name. 

Send them motivational postcards that they would want to keep or tack to their bulletin boards.  On the postcard, simply write a simple “I hope all is well” type of message.  

Your Coaching Career

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