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Learn MoreCertified Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach Certification

Our Wellness Coach Certification expands beyond coaching models currently used in wellness coaching. You will understand concepts tied to the overall coaching experience, from how you train to be a coach, on up to application of skills with clients.

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Certified Life Strategies Coach

Life Strategies Coach Certification

Learn More You can have the most exciting and rewarding career in the world. Become a Certified Life Strategies Coach. See the joy in your client’s eyes. Hear the happiness in their laughter. Notice how great it feels to know you made a difference! Enroll in our comprehensive and accelerated training program. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.
Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

Corporate Wellness Coach Certification

Learn More Over 50% of U.S. companies are operating corporate wellness programs. Now is the time for you to enhance your education, gain a valuable credential and increase your career options while helping others improve the quality of their lives. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.
Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach

Lifestyle Fitness Coach Certification

Learn More For decades, fitness professionals have had various degrees of success motivating clients and making them accountable for a healthy lifestyle. Today, fitness coaching has been refined into a science. Personal trainers and fitness pros no longer have to wonder how to get and keep their clients on track with their desired results. Lifestyle Fitness Coaching is life coaching for fitness pros. Online comprehensive training course and exam, + required textbook.
Certified Personal Fitness Chef

Personal Fitness Chef Certification

Learn More The business of becoming a personal chef has grown over 32.5% last year. This is the perfect career for fitness, nutrition and wellness pros who want to add the ultimate in career creativity and opportunity. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.
Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach

Mind Body Fitness Coach Certification

Learn More Earn your professional specialization and share the gift of healthy mind, body and spirit with your clients with our distance learning and accelerated program. If you are looking for a holistic fitness career to help people develop a healthy mind, body and spirit, this program is for you. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.

Sports Coaching Certifications

Certified Sports Psychology Coach

Sports Psychology Coach Certification

Learn More You can seamlessly integrate our Sports Psychology Coach Certification into your existing career in sports, fitness, coaching or psychology. Sport psychology is the scientific study of people and their behaviors in sports and the practical application of that knowledge. Sport psychology coaches help people of all abilities increase sports and fitness performance while enhancing their overall enjoyment of physical activity. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.
Certified Sports Hypnotist

Sports Hypnosis Certification

Learn More Those who have studied sports psychology know the power of guided imagery for peak performance in sports. If your career in sports psychology, personal training, life coaching, or mind-body health and fitness is now ready for the next step, sports hypnosis training is for you. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.

Specialized Coaching Certifications

Certified Green Living Coach

Green Living Coach Certification

Learn More Green Living Coaching is the career for the new economy. More than ever, people and corporations are seeking new ways to reduce their carbon footprint, to reduce toxins, to improve health and make a contribution to the planet. This program is a perfect complement to several other coaching and consulting practices. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.
Certified Holistic Life Coach

Holistic Life Coach Certification

Learn More Holistic life coaches enhance personal development from a multi-directional approach – viewing the person as a complete being – rather than an individual who may have an unresolved challenge. When a coach views all possible contributions to the current situation, a better and more comprehensive resolution is created. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.
Certified Stress Management Coach

Stress Management Coach Certification

Learn More Stress management coaching is quickly increasing in importance due to today’s busy and hectic lifestyles. You will learn numerous specifics strategies and techniques for helping your clients manage stress effectively. This program is perfect as a stand alone career, or a great addition to your current career in wellness, coaching or health education. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam. ;

Certified Design Psychology Coach

Design Psychology Coach Certification

Learn More As a Certified Design Psychology Coach, you will coach, advise and consult your clients on how to create environments that encourage balance, achievement, positive interaction, and personal wealth. There really is no place like home, especially if that home is a true reflection of the people who live in it, and is their functioning fruitful haven. 100% online comprehensive training course and exam.
Fitness Coach Training

Fitness Certifications & Education Courses

Learn More NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association) is the fitness coaching division of the Spencer Institute. Review over 15 educational programs and certification courses. 100% online comprehensive training courses and exam.