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Certified Spencer Institute Wellness Coach

Read the success story about Cynthia Joy Crozier - Certified Wellness Coach Spencer Institute 3/2014

Since completing my Spencer Institute Certification in March of this year, I have been working as a Wellness Coach. I started with meeting my clients at their homes or at a public location like Dunkin Donuts. Then in August of this year, I was fortunate to find out about a room available to rent at a great business called wellness boutique & co. So, as of October 1, 2014, I have been holding wellness coaching sessions for my clients in a private room in a relaxing, stress-free environment at wellness boutique & co. I work with 4 other professionals in this location. I am the only Wellness Coach here, and there are 2 massage therapists, an Esthetician, and an Intuitive therapist. 2 of the professionals mentioned also do Reiki treatments. I share the room here with the Intuitive therapist. We each have 25 hours each week to conduct our sessions. I see my clients Tuesdays through Saturdays and am available some mornings, afternoons and evenings for wellness coaching sessions to make sure I offer a convenient time for all. In addition to seeing clients at wellness boutique & co., I also offer complimentary wellness seminars at some of my local libraries and churches to help grow my career. I also offer group stress relief wellness sessions. I currently call these my ‘Ladies night out’ nights of wellness, for groups of 4-5 women. I hold these for 1 hour and we practice relaxation techniques, meditation, and other ways of relieving stress. I really enjoy working in a professional, wellness boutique atmosphere. The favorite part of my job is that I get to help people with different wellness concerns and issues, like weight loss, stress relief, sleep or lack of energy issues, smoking cessation, relief from pain and other chronic problems, and general health & wellness and happiness. I enjoy doing research daily about different diseases and illnesses and how I would coach my clients on how to deal with the symptoms of them. I am always looking for ways to grow my career. At this time, I promote myself daily with my website, Facebook page, Linkedin, Twitter, Google, Fiverr, Pintrest, and of course Spencer Institute.

I’m working in Massachusetts & Rhode Island. Visit me at

Cynthia Joy Crozier

My name is Iana Malcolm. I began the study of Yoga at birth, at the feet of Swami Satchidananda and, alongside my Yoga loving parents. Spirituality and Holistic living was always a part of my life. Though, after college I found myself working in Public Relations for an independent record label. In 2004, as my mother battled Breast Cancer, and I became her Caregiver, I began to move away from my career in Public Relations and towards the holistic life calling me back.

In 2007, following the passing of my mother, I became a 200 hour certified Yoga teacher. In the years following, I became certified in Children’s Yoga, Prenatal, Mom & Baby Yoga, Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for the Special Child, Yoga for Seniors and now hold a medical specialty in Orthopedic Sports Injury.

In 2011, after the passing of my father from Brain Cancer, I was called to do more and a wonderful friend directed me towards the Spencer Institute and it’s certification in Holistic Life Coaching. I knew what I had faced as a Caregiver. I knew how alone I had felt, how scared and how lost I was. There was no one to speak to that had actually gone through what I had. There was no one who was going to be honest, and straightforward, and yet empathetic from a true place of understanding. I wanted to be for others what I was not fortunate enough to have.

After completing my certification I began my work with Caregivers of terminally ill patients. I help them to navigate their difficult time. I support them through the impending grieving process and equip them with the tools that I personally used to move into a happier and calmer space in life. I offer personal counseling sessions via phone and Skype. I lead workshops and I often speak at Cancer Support groups. I do all of this through conversation, guided meditations, advice to improve physical health and more often than not, humor. My belief is that in order to be there as a Caregiver you have to show up for yourself. You must take care of yourself. You also must be gentle with yourself and become comfortable in the fact that the cards you have been dealt are terrible, painful and will come with guilt, pain and endless frustration. Once you are aware and accepting of this, you can prepare yourself to deal with it when it shows up.

I honestly believe that I lived as a Caregiver so that I can now spend my life supporting them. And it is because of my Spencer Institute Holistic Life Coach Certification that I feel prepared to do so. I’m in Miami, FL. Visit me at

Iana Sundari Malcolm

Certified Spencer Institute Holistic Life Coach

Since completing my Spencer Institute certification I have launched my life coaching business online and locally. Holistic life coaching was a great fit for my areas of expertise because since I was a little girl I was always drawn to everything mind, body and spirit. I also finished certifications in Law of attraction (basic and advanced) and Spiritual life coaching. At the moment I am working on my PhD in Metaphysical Sciences. I will soon be enrolling in a great Feng Shui certification course to add to my plethora of passions, skills and credentials.

I work with people internationally via online and phone and I meet with people in-home, locally. The month I launched my company I already had over a handful of clientele and two long-term contracts. It has been quite a ride since I started, but I am happy to say that I learned so much that I was able to do everything as a true solopreneur!

I am a very passionate and charismatic personality that always knew this was a part of my destiny. I spent the last 14 years studying everything about the mind, body and spirit. This was also a time of huge personal growth! Some of my mentors include Iyanla Vanzant, Les Brown, Caroline Myss, Erich Thomas, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith and of course, Wayne Dyer. I honestly do not believe in the rat race or working “hard”. I have learned to work “smart”, “think big” and be diligent! I incorporate this mindset and discipline into my lifestyle as a business owner, mother, wife and student. I usually work one on one with clients a couple hours a day, which is awesome and freeing! I really love working out of my home office and it allows me so much flexibility with the rest of my life and passions. When I am working on my projects, blogging, social media, marketing, SEO/SERP and my websites, those are the days I sometimes work over 18 hours. But a week of diligent action pays off for months, as I watch for the results and analytics.

The favorite part of my career is most importantly, doing what I LOVE and helping people, while being my own boss. I also get to use the gifts I was born with and flourish in other avenues as I create new lesson’s, teach and implement creative ideas, to give back to the community. I also learn so much from my clientele and they truly bless me and help me gain deeper knowledge for my PhD program. I do not think the pieces of my life dream could have come together any more smoothly and rewarding than they have. I just celebrated my one year anniversary of the birth of Soul Solutions, and things keep looking better while opportunity “keeps a knocking”. I’m located in Hazleton, PA.

Sabrina D. McGrory

Certified Spencer Institute Wellness Coach

My name is Patricia Bogard and I am a Certified Wellness Coach. Wellness only became a part of my life in 2009 when I had a surgical weight loss procedure. I educated myself via the internet on what I needed to do to change my life and become healthy and happy. I found the Spencer Institute and decided that the Wellness Coach program was what I needed to make the positive changes required. I was able to apply what I was learning to my changing life. I learned the true meaning of wellness. As I became healthier, I started to run. I realized the many benefits of running and exercise. I started running competitively. I successfully lost 277lbs and maintain my weight! I decided to share my knowledge with others. I began to coach new bariatric patients. My goal was to help them attain true wellness physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have been able to provide clients seeking Wellness Coaching both face to face coaching as well as provide online support. I have provided training workshops for groups that wanted to participate in couch to 5K runs. The education I received from the Spencer Institute helped me both personally and professionally. I have written blogs for The Spencer Institute and have also started blogging my own personal journey to wellness. You can find me @ I also provide Wellness support to a large Chicago Medical Center that has a weight loss program. My education has helped me grow as a person and assist clients that are ready for a change. It was a life changing decision that has made me well!

Patricia Bogard

Certified Spencer Institute Holistic Life Coach, Certified Stress Management Coach and NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

Since completing my education, I have recently published my first nationally released book “Win Anyway“. The NESTA and Spencer Institute training I received was invaluable in boosting both my drive and confidence. I have totally caught many in my local community by surprise. I must say how great it feels to be able set and reach goals, while gaining the respect from my peers and the community around me. NESTA and the Spencer Institute have truly put together valuable certification programs that are fun to learn and rewarding to have. In addition to releasing Win Anyway I have helped my two children release their first music cd “For the kids “. For the kids was released to help raise money and bring awareness to the lack of funding in our nation’s public schools.Below you will find more information about the products and services I’ve made available since becoming NESTA and Spencer Institute Certified. I’m located in Walnut Creek, CA. Win Anyway can be viewed and ordered here. The children’s CD is available here.

Parris Walton

Since becoming a Certified Spencer Institute Wellness Coach, I created 21 Days to Well, a powerful program designed to help participants find true, holistic wellness.

Most folks look at me today and think, “Wow, she must have always been healthy and happy!” But when I hear that, I have to laugh, because I remember how much I struggled with being overweight, feeling trapped in an unhappy marriage and feeling completely hopeless for any change in the future.

I suffered from depression as a teenager, and by the time I was 18 I was at least 25 pounds overweight. I tried everything to ease the pain that was so deeply embedded in me emotionally that I could often feel it physically. I began to believe that I deserved to have bad things happen to me and when they did, I just sunk deeper into depression.

It wasn’t until I started believing in myself and embracing my personal power that things really began to change.

The turning point was becoming aware of the mind-body connection.

In 2000, I began to make small changes in my life. First, I started doing yoga. Then I quit smoking. Finally I started eating healthier.

And what do you know? My entire life turned around! I divorced my ex and met a new man who respects and loves me. Then I quit the job that left me unsatisfied, became a Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coach and started my own business. Now I get to do exactly what I want every single day!

I never dreamed I could live a life so filled with joy. If only those changes hadn’t taken me 10 years to make… If only I’d had a coach to help me along the way.

Because there is such a need for people just like me to experience a life of bliss, I became a Wellness Coach and created “21 Days to Well: A Healthy Path to a Better You,” a personalized program I host regularly that has simply blown away the women who participated.

While there is a cleanse portion of the program, this is so much more than a detox program. This is a program about helping people finding their true spirit and about fulfilling their life’s purpose and being completely authentic. Losing weight and becoming healthy are just perks of the program!

When we are true to ourselves, we harness the power that lies dormant in the unauthentic being: the power to achieve any dream, to live our highest purpose. When we are not true to ourselves, we hide the power and dreams are inaccessible.

Through 21 Days to Well, I’ve had the privilege of coaching women and men through weight loss, marriage, divorce, career changes and family issues. Hearing them say their lives have been transformed is the most powerful thank you I could ever receive.

Visit to find out more about 21 Days to Well and my personalized Wellness Coaching program. I’m located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Amy Linda Miller
Work at home as a life coachSince completing my Spencer Institute education I have dabbled in a little bit of everything when working with clients, from work/life balance, to helping people change careers, incorporating exercise into their daily lives, better nutrition, yoga and meditation.

I have had two children since receiving my certification through Spencer Institute, and I know how hard it is to get that work/life balance, to fit in time for yourself, and being female – what it’s like to struggle with postpartum and getting my pre-pregnancy body back.

I started working out a lot at home via to save time and to spend more with my kids. I began teaching fitness classes at my local gyms. I was able to get many clients online who followed some of the same blogs, Facebook pages, and online workout programs that I did. I was also able to get clients from my classes. I started a blog specifically for one of those classes, then branched out into more blogging and now mostly help people via online or the telephone.

I have written an eBook available for download, and was recently asked to blog for a gigantic online workout site. I was incredibly happy and proud of this accomplishment. I am an avid believer that proper exercise and nutrition can change your life. I am huge fitness enthusiast, and it is always my hope that my enthusiasm is contagious and that I inspire others to be fit.

My favorite part of my job is seeing the progress that my clients make. It is not about being perfect, or about being better than someone else, it is all about being a better YOU. I am also a people person, so I love working with individuals – talking to them about their lives, their accomplishments, their goals, their mistakes and more. You can learn so much from just listening to what these people have to say. Giving some of these people guidance in the right direction is extremely gratifying for me. I love to see them make progress – to hear the extra happiness in their voice or see the positive changes in their lives.

I also thoroughly enjoy what I do. I love blogging, I love to workout, to practice yoga, to coach clients, to help teach others what they are capable of doing and becoming. These clients also help ME become a better person, a better coach and even a better mom. Confidence building is what a lot of this is all about. Feeling better about yourself – physically and emotionally helps us all to take the next steps in our lives: to keep on striving for our dreams to become our realities. Certified Spencer Institute Life Strategies Coach
Canton, MA

Gina Martin
As a recent graduate of the Certified Wellness Coaching program I must say how pleased I was with the coursework material provided. Everything was concise and extremely informative. I loved the added benefit of having a video to watch as well as written information. The combination of the two learning modules works extremely well.I also had the pleasure of dealing directly with Mr. Mark Teahan, who I cannot say enough wonderful things about. Mr. Teahan was extremely helpful to a student that had questions during the learning process. It certainly isn’t everyday that you have a chance to deal directly with the Management Team in any organization. I strongly recommend the Spencer Institute for all your coaching needs and I will be returning to continue my quest to attain as much knowledge as possible to help my clients reach their goals.
Thank you again for a great learning experience.

Tara Siciliano
The Spencer Institute Coaching programs are informative while being exciting and cutting edge. Their variety of approaches to coaching holistically keeps my business fresh and me coming back for more.
Cathy Olson VanderPloeg

As a naturopathic physician, my role is to investigate the physiological, ecological and psychological imbalances that precipitate ‘unwellness.’ I then must proceed to suggest corrective options, educate and motivate my patients so that they may achieve their level of optimal health.

The coaching aspects of healing are as vital as understanding the clinical etiology of disease and its remedial actions. Inspiring one to take command of their own health, creating awareness of their inner resources and enhancing their sense of self-efficacy are essential components to maintaining a wellness paradigm, otherwise, a health continuum is short-lived.

I’ve been fortunate to complete two wonderful coaching programs through the Spencer Institute. These courses have concretized my thinking and helped me to empathetically create a vivid achievable path, with which, each patient can be appropriately guided.

Thank you, John, for producing credible, practical and easy to apply programs that can be used to enhance human potential.

Dr. Glenn B. Gero, N.D., R.N.C., M.H., M.E.S., C.L.C.

I took the Holistic Life Coaching Certification to build upon my credentials as someone who could help others. Being in the fitness industry I found that many people try to treat their mental, spiritual and/ or emotional problems with a fitness solution.

I wanted to be able to help these people in a bigger way and was so happy when I found the Spencer Institute’s program. It was exactly what I needed and have used it in my business fully. I now have a prospering business and am watching it progress in ways I had never imagined! ‘Your body is your only home, it is your responsibility to be mentally sharp, physically strong, emotionally balanced and spiritually conscious.

Sophie Skover

I received my Life Strategies Coaching certification from the Spencer Institute in May 2005. I was extremely impressed with the layout of the program and the information provided within the course. The assignments were very thought provoking and gave a lot of insight into the coaching profession.

The customer service staff and Dr. Ellis were always available to answer any questions I had throughout the certification process. The DVDs provided with the course really helped me to better understand how a coaching relationship should work. The Spencer Institute and NESTA provide a tremendous amount of resources and tools that are available to graduates to help build their coaching foundation.

I have taken advantage of these tools provided and have had much success with forming my coaching business, Peace by Piece Life Coaching, Inc. I currently have clients in California and North Carolina and absolutely love what I do. I have a list of certifications that I plan on receiving through NESTA and the Spencer Institute this year, and I am looking forward to growing my business!

I can honestly say that I would not be as successful as I am now if it were not for the Spencer Institute and my coach during the program, Dr. John Spencer Ellis. I recommend any program provided by the Institute to anyone who is serious about establishing a professional coaching career.

Kate Kincaid

I am a lifelong learner, and firmly believe no matter how much we know, we can always discover more!! My brother told me about Spencer Institute, and I thank him because it really amped up my skills in coaching clients. Being a busy mom, I absolutely loved the distance learning since it fits with my hectic schedule, and I was able to do the courses at my own pace!

Jennifer Tuma-Young

The education from NESTA and The Spencer Institute, provide you with key tools to be successful. Whether you attend a live weekend workshop or choose the home study format, the material is compromised of the most current clinical research, scientific data and practical applications, to ensure of success during your wellness and healthcare journey.

I have learned so much during their programs and love the choices in texts and CD’s. The exams are focused and the practicals are hands-on for the ultimate understanding. The teaching staff is supportive and able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have…even after completion of any program. The business ideas provide you with the essential fundamentals to grow your own practice, compliment your current job or start a new career.

The Spencer Institute is truly an industry leader in fitness, wellness, coaching and holistic health.

Lissa Leon

I completed the personal fitness chef, fitness nutrition coach and kid’s nutrition specialist programs (some from NESTA) and I am so glad that I did.

Most recently, I’ve been giving talks on healthy snacking to children and I am finding that it complements my cooking schedule. It’s a nice complement to the work I do in the kitchen. I just wanted to say thanks!


I just want to say that the Spencer Institute Coaching Program exceeded my expectations.

The materials were interesting and well presented. Frankly, the assignments were a little more intense that I originally expected. This worked well for me because I now feel knowledgeable and have retained the material well. The study materials were thought provoking and definitely relative to my interests in becoming a coach. I especially appreciated the textbook. This book is also an excellent reference material. I also appreciated the conference calls with the Spencer Institute mentors. Our talks were motivating, and they answered my questions thoroughly. They were enthusiastic and supportive of my business ideas and also added their perspective.

Upon completion of the program, I feel well prepared and confident of my skills and coaching abilities. It is a lot more fun to promote my coaching business with the credentials of ‘certified life strategies coach.’ In summary, this coaching certification program was just what I needed to get my business launched and running well. I feel that participating in the program would be a wise decision for anyone interested in entering the field of coaching. Thanks!

Donna Mar
I want to thank you for offering your certifications. Being a Certified Wellness Coach lets a potential client know that I have a well rounded education that will allow me to be able to help them make healthy lifestyle changes.We know that being well isn’t just the absence of illness, it’s more of a nurturing of mind, body and spirit that helps us lead the life we envision for ourselves. Thanks to Spencer Institute for better enabling me to share my experience, strength and hope with others along the path to wellness.

Amy Hayden
Learning life coaching at the Spencer Institute has been a great way for me to increase my business base. I really liked that I could work full time while learning life coaching on my own time schedule. Not only do I now have coaching clients, but I also attract more psychotherapy clients who choose me because I can do coaching in addition to psychotherapy.
Jeanne Asma

I am most pleased to recommend the Spencer Institute and NESTA.

I am a graduate of the Certified Holistic Stress Management Specialist, and the Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist programs. Both courses were excellent; extremely useful, comprehensive and remarkably very well written. Dr. John Spencer Ellis chosen guest speakers for each course were not only qualified to provide insight in relation to the course material but also had extensive working experience in their field of instruction. The dyadic discussions between Dr. Ellis and his guest speakers are of extreme interest and enlightening to wellness education.

My main reason for choosing the Spencer Institute programs was to enhance my practice and to increase my personal enrichment. My journey began 7 years ago after experiencing the tragic event of September 11, 2001. During this time, I crashed. Although I did not realize it at the time, I became extremely depressed, stopped exercising and found emotional relief in comfort foods. I enrolled in the study of Mind and Body Coaching and began to regain my long lost energy, exercise and healthfully lose weight. I researched other schools and found the programs at Spenser Institute are a relaxed, non-threatening way to learn, which are done at one’s own pace.

On reflection, I am delighted that I have completed the courses and attended the Spencer Institute. I feel that a career in Wellness is a lifelong learning journey and I am very excited that the NESTA programs helped to begin this journey!

Taras NK Raggio, MPA, HHP

As a Conflict Resolution Specialist and Life Skills Coach, I have found the information presented in the “Spencer Institute Life Strategies Coach Course” to be a valuable tool in both areas of my practice. Mediation and Life Skills Coaching both require the same tools in establishing a working relationship with your clients. I have found the “eye accessing clues” to be especially helpful in being able to understand my client’s ability to access the information presented to them.

The marketing, developing a business plan, and networking information, will be invaluable to anyone going out on their own. I would highly recommend this course as a ‘jumping off point’ to becoming a Life Skills Professional.

Debi Selin



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