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How Does Each Hemisphere of Our Brain Experience Life Differently?

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hemispheric interpretation of experiencesHemispheric Levels of Experience

Your brain has two hemispheres. Each one interprets the world differently. Each has different memories of vital life events. Each “codes” an experience differently. Sometimes, one image/memory always comes up first when you recall an event (good or bad).

Have you ever said, “I have half a mind to________.”

Or, have you ever said, “I’m my mind’s eye I see _______”.

If so, you were literally only using half your brain (and one eye) to get an image, gain an understanding, or recall an experience.

Here is more information about eye accessing cues all coaches will want to know.

The chart below is a template for the levels of awareness, experience and influence by which we connect and experience life. It is used as a diagnostic tool to discover at what level a problem or challenge might be and which hemisphere of the brain is more involved, then knowing which level to work with to bring the healing or resolution.  Becoming familiar with this template will enhance your understanding of the variety of processes, skills and techniques presented in this training at a structural level.  When we understand the structure of an experience or pattern – then can have control or influence on that structure.

do we remember things differently in each hemisphere of the brain

Gregory Bateson, a leading researcher and anthropologist developed the basic concept of the six neurological levels of learning and of experiencing reality. Robert Dilts, NLP trainer and author, then ordered these levels into a hierarchy of influence.  The lower three levels are ‘surface structure,’ and the top three levels are ‘deep structure.’  In other words, Skills and Capabilities, Behaviors, and Environmental issues are readily in evidence in the world – on the surface.  The Beliefs/Values, Identity, and Spirit/Mission levels are mostly held out of our conscious awareness on a day-to-day basis – a sub-conscious experience.  These last three levels are the deep structure of our experience and when we elicit change at any one of these levels, it will influence all levels below.

Hemispheric Integration makes a further distinction by identifying the right and left hemispheric attributes.  This allows for even more detailed ways to identify the structure of a challenge to create healing.

The focus of the work of Hemispheric Integration is for each person to experience life as his or her true essence or identity.

Here is more information on hemispheric specialization of the brain.

Hemispheric Spheres

what is the difference in each hemisphere of the human brain

This chart is a more right-brain visual picture of the levels chart.  For healing we begin with a clean sense of Identity, align and update our Beliefs and Values, then moving out to the surface structure by relating and accomplishing as the person we truly are and all of this is help in place with our unique passion, mission or spirit.


This concept refers to the physical organization we create in establishing the environment for communication.  For your purpose as a coach/consultant, it is important for you to notice how to set up your dynamics for successful conversation and rapport.

When having a conversation or doing an intervention, establishing safety for your client is first in importance.  Because we mostly process information in pictures, if you stand or sit directly in front of someone, they may have difficulty accessing information without attaching it to your face.  Creating a slight 45° angle is optimum.  This allows you to calibrate their non-verbal information and have a clear space to gesture away from both of you when referring to the challenge or issue.  This allows the two of you to feel you are on the same side and working together in finding resolution to a conflict/challenge.

Another important consideration is to notice which side the other person is more comfortable having you sit or stand.  For some people this will not matter, and for those who are sensitive to this phenomenon, it makes a huge difference in their being comfortable and able to focus.

This is just a small aspect of what you will learn on this topic as part of the following courses: Life Strategies Coach Certification and the Results Coach Certification

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