Resolve to Fail in Order to Success

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By: Jennifer Brango

The key to getting what you want is an understanding that failing is a part of the overall process. The true value of success is the ability to fail in the process. If you can learn from your past mistakes in getting what you want out of your New Year’s resolution this could be the year of successfully achieving a healthier you.

If you follow some of these key principals your plan of action can be attainable and successful for the New Year:

1. Write it down. If you are able to write down what you are doing now that is not succeeding, you can see where you need to make a change. When it comes to changing your eating habits and your exercise, becoming aware of your current conditions is a clear way to start.

2. Tell someone your plan. Make sure to tell someone that cares and will help you on your journey. True support is really what you may have lacked in the past.

3. Don’t do it alone, whether it is joining a group program, seeking the advice of a personal trainer, or making a pact with a friend or loved one to do it together. If you continue to go back to the same support system that has helped you fail in the past, then finding a new supportive environment can be the key to your success.

4. Be realistic. If you are currently a couch potato and tell yourself you are going to the gym every day for one hour or more, is that realistic? Do you only have maybe three hours a week to truly dedicate to exercise, then break it down into smaller parts and see where it will fit into your schedule.

Be sure to put it on your schedule, if it means going to bed earlier so you can get up 10-20 minutes earlier, taking time away from your lunch break, or not watching TV in the evening. Remember in order to make it work, be realistic about your current schedule.

Changing your eating habits can be truly daunting as well. If you are writing down what you are eating, this can help in modifying what needs to be changed. It can be as simple as adding more fruits and veggies to your day, eating a healthy protein-based breakfast to your day, or just taking time to sit down and eat your food.

5. Accept the challenges. When you have a plan in mind accepting the challenge is your way of getting better. The biggest problem with failed resolutions is the inability to understand that challenges will arise. It can be truly uncomfortable to make changes especially in your lifestyle if you have failed to see any benefit in the past. However, if you can see that perfectionism is truly an unachievable state, embracing where you are and knowing that you are better than before can help you move forward.

There is something to be said about being in the moment as opposed to looking at the past or looking to the future. When it comes to life, stuff happens. This is where you can rely on your support system to help you get back on track or stay on track. If you are in the right supportive environment, the people you surround yourself with, can be the true saving grace in helping you stay focused.  

These five key principals may only be the start to getting you closer to a healthier you.  If you think you may only be working toward a smaller pant size, the overall benefit to your well being can be limitless if you make the changes stick. Isn’t it better to set the goal for yourself rather than getting a diagnosis from your physician?

Jennifer Brango, a AAAI/ISMA CPT and NESTA as well as being a Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant. Jen is the owner of Only Results Fitness and Great Valley Adventure Boot Camp as seen on CBS 3, CW Philly and Fox 29 Philly. You can find out more at OnlyResultsFitness.com or www.GreatValleyBootCamp.com. Jen can be reached at 484-202-0010.

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