Fitness Training & Coaching: The ideal pair

I loved my 2 years in graduate school. I got to get up early every morning and study exercise science all day long with the help of a great library, an exercise physiology lab, and dedicated professors. What could be better for someone who wants to learn their profession!

I learned exercise science inside and out. What an asset that was and is. It has given me the ability to design and implement safe and effective exercise programs for hundreds of very diverse clients over the last 20 years.  I am so thankful to have gained this in-depth knowledge through a well-designed curriculum of guided study.

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How to Help Your Coaching Clients With Body Image Challenges

I don’t like to sweat.  I don’t look good”, Pam said when I asked her how strong her intensity is when exercising.  I’m torn between saying “Of course not, fitness isn’t pretty, you don’t need to look good when doing it” or something more helpful , and what I know she wants to hear, like “You look good no matter what you do”!  Pam’s been telling me for months how much she wants to lose weight, how she’s been walking every night (or almost every night), watching what she eats and simply doing EVERYTHING she can to lose weight.  The problem with EVERYTHING is that it doesn’t seem to include consistency.  The lack of consistency extends to her portion sizes and eating ‘healthy’ as well as exercise intensity and frequency.  I don’t say much to Pam because I’m not her coach, her trainer, her boss, her mother or, frankly, anyone in a position to say to her the things she doesn’t want to hear.  I’m just her friend and as her friend I would really like to see Pam be happy.  I know she would choose skinny over happy for herself but I’ve seen her skinny and she wasn’t happy then either.

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Tapping Into a New You: Techniques for Life and Wellness Coaches

Are you one of the millions of Americans wanting to lose weight? Have you sought out professional help for chronic ailments or emotional hang-ups?

The vicious cycle of being determined to improve our condition, followed by the frustration of another dead end can leave a person feeling crummy in and of itself! Worse, with enough invested it can feel like we’re throwing good money after bad.

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Domestic Violence and Life Coaching Techniques

My name is Jody Bergstrom and I am a Certified Life Strategies Coach. I reside in Billings, MT.

Domestic violence is pervasive in our society. It leaves its victims in a place of hopelessness and fear. The victims start to come out of the darkness and often feel they have nothing. Many of these individuals have the inner strength to overcome the aftermath of being abused. The victims need a guide to help them find a way to reach their inner strength and help them see the light within.

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7 habits to turn your coaching and training business from good to great

1)     Don’t be advised by too many people. I love being coached – nothing makes me happier, seriously – but that has been one of my downfalls in the past. I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for coaching by anyone and everyone. The problem is that each coach has their own take on things, meaning you often end up going around in circles. At the moment, I have two coaches: one for my offline business, and one for my online business. I’ve found that coaches with specialties give me more bang for my buck.

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Medicine Be Thy Food: The Era of Nutrigenomics

In April, 2003, the publicly funded Human Genome Project (HGP), whose quest was to sequence all 3 billion base pairs found in the human DNA, was completed. The elucidation of the human genome created opportunities for the development of several scientific fields and tools to be able to understand and treat chronic disease based on our genes. One of those fields is nutrigenomics.

So what is Nutrigenomics?
Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods affect the expression of genetic information in an individual and how individual differences affect the way we metabolize and respond to the nutrients and bioactive compounds in the foods we eat. Nutrigenomics helps us understand how our genetic variation can explain why individuals respond differently to the same foods; and helps us to understand the interaction of nutrient-gene effects in the development and prevention of chronic disease.

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REAL MEN MEDITATE with their wife and kids!

Meditation can conjure up visions of yogis peacefully residing on a mountaintop, one with the earth and sky. That may seem to be a very unobtainable state, however, meditation is something that everyone can do (mountaintop optional).

As a yoga instructor and a mom of three, I welcome families to come together to take my classes, in fact I encourage it.  New moms with their babies, moms and dads with toddlers in tow, everyone can benefit from the practice.  Parents are often surprised at how their kids are natural-born yogis! I often use the babies to show the proper way to breath, deep from your belly.  The babies are my best assistant instructors in long deep breathing.  After class, no matter the group I am teaching, is always meditation time and there are some wonderful meditations that families can participate in!

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Eat More and Lose Weight

Eat more to lose weight…?…YES!

Most of you have probably heard or read that statement before, but immediately went “yeah right!”, and never took the time to find where this so called “fact” was coming from. Don’t feel bad cause that’s what most people do. But now is your chance to find out!

Here’s the deal. Your body is all about one thing…survival. It does not care what you look like. It only cares about doing what is needed to survive. It makes these decisions based on the daily decisions you make in regards to your physical activity, and your intake of calories. Oooh…there is that evil word, “calories”! It is evil, right?…Not necessarily. The big counting calorie fad has brain washed everyone into thinking that if they take in less calories, it means weight loss. Wrong. Here’s why:

There are a couple of things related to your caloric intake that will make you gain fat weight:
#1. How often you eat.
#2. The amount of calories that you take in.

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Creating a Personal Retreat | Life Coaching Strategies

When you think back to your childhood, do you recall spending hours outside riding bikes, exploring trails and creeks? Maybe you lived in a bigger city; did you find your way to the science center or a dinosaur museum?  How did you feel when you were having those adventures?  Were you in awe? Did you contemplate just how small we are in this big universe? Did you breathe in new experiences and adventures?  When you returned home were you excitedly telling your parents all of your adventures of the day? Were you energized and eager to do it again?

Do you remember that last time you had that feeling? Today? Last week? Last year? 10 years ago?

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How to Lose 100lbs the Boring Way

That’s right, you’re about to see another ‘extreme’ weight loss makeover.
As a culture, we’re fascinated by these transformations. We’re eager to watch as people suffer through arguably inhumane training conditions on national television programs in order to see those astonishing ‘after’ pictures everyone in the office talks about the next day. It’s sensational. It’s dramatic. And—truth be told—the fitness professionals that have such a story on their resume are proud to have guided someone to such an incredible feat, regardless of the path taken to get there.
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