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A Clean Slate
Letting Go of Your Past for a Fresh Start
by Spencer Institute for Life Coach Training Graduate
Shandra Artura, B.H.S., HSM, CWC

Your past can represent snapshots of which roles you were ‘trying’ out as you grew up or a continuous stream of actions and reactions. Your past can be full of encouragement and little successes, fraught with tension and drama or challenging and difficult. For some of you, the past can also represent choices you made with positive and negative consequences, learning some lessons and forgetting others along the way. For a small few, the past can be full of shame, guilt, heartache, and pain…the sticking point that keeps you running in circles, doing the same things with the same results and prevents you from moving forward in life’s discovery full of joy, laughter, peace, love and happiness. Changing your perspective is crucial to letting go and moving forward.

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Coaching Guidelines for Reaching Your Goals For 2012


Every woman has thought about goals for themselves at one time or another.  The difficulty in not reaching your goals comes from failure to follow through with your plans to reach those goals.  They become elusive and never completed.  This negative cycle can change.  Begin to think positive and make 2012 the year you will acquire your desired goals. Re-energize your zest for life!

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Interim Wellness Coaching

There is a new opportunity rearing its head in the field of wellness. It’s called Interim Stage coaching. This is a descriptor related to those people who are seeking to make a change in their overall wellness and set out with the best of intentions… yet they might  fall through the cracks, due to a lack of intervention or follow through. This is where the role of the wellness coach is most likely to be useful.

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Jennifer Brango

Resolve to Fail in Order to Success

By: Jennifer Brango

The key to getting what you want is an understanding that failing is a part of the overall process. The true value of success is the ability to fail in the process. If you can learn from your past mistakes in getting what you want out of your New Year’s resolution this could be the year of successfully achieving a healthier you.

If you follow some of these key principals your plan of action can be attainable and successful for the New Year:

1. Write it down. If you are able to write down what you are doing now that is not succeeding, you can see where you need to make a change. When it comes to changing your eating habits and your exercise, becoming aware of your current conditions is a clear way to start.

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Holistically Fit – The Complete Solution to Optimal Fitness and Wellbeing

The whole picture – What it takes to be HOLISTICALLY fit.

The popularized approach to fitness is dead! Isolation in exercise programs, or in
fitness philosophy is no longer good enough for our fellow men and women in need of a
fitness solution. People today are looking for real and permanent change. Even though
most people have less time and less money to spend, they still want results.

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The Effects of Toxic Emotions on Our Health


This article is a continuation of The Effects of Toxic Emotions on Our Health

The deliberation surrounding the emotional effects on physical health will continue to be debated until definitive evidence is produced and the teachings of the ‘Central Dogma’ are no longer. The medical community can not dispute the placebo effect, as it has been implemented as an alternative for many years when other means failed to produce results. Interesting, the doctors who prescribed placebos to their patients did so by defending their justification that the placebo would present the patient with a positive outcome, not because they believed the treatment would have a psychological effect on the patient’s particular condition. I fail to see the difference.

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Accumulating the Wealth of Health (Life Coaching Article)

Accumulating the Wealth of Health

We can look at Health is a similar way as accruing a savings account. Having a growing Health Savings Account is about making regular deposits or doing things that support vitality on a short, medium and long term basis. Using the analogy of money, we could say that having a “change jar” (where we throw our spare change) is similar to making small or regular daily changes such as health eating choices or remembering to consciously breath (using the whole torso; front, back, sides) long, slow full and deep. Other variables to be aware of include getting regular proper rest, and becoming aware of eating before the blood sugar drops and returning to a more whole food diet.

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Scheduling Your Day to Optimize Your Life

Written by Estela Rivarolo

I discovered that many people who failed in their efforts to accomplish their goals have a common problem: “the absence of a schedule.” They don’t have a written schedule to use as a road map for each day; therefore they lose perspective of what they are trying to accomplish. A flexible schedule can be revised and adjusted every evening before the next day begins.

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Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a powerful practice that can change your brain, improve your life, and the enhance the quality of your life.

There is a misconception that you have to “do” meditation and “do it right.” I believe that meditation is about bringing our primary focus into being rather than doing; aim to be with our breath, be with our thoughts, be with our feelings/challenges/pain.

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