5 Ways Your Money Mindset Is Sabotaging Your Coaching Business

The way you think about money matters to your coaching business. If you have a money mindset steeped in scarcity, fear, and thoughts of “never enough,” those beliefs will negatively impact every area of your business, driving clients away and keeping profits at bay.

If you’re constantly strapped for cash, drowning in debt, or just can’t seem to find that sweet spot where your profits outweigh your losses, it could be attributed to a bad money mindset.

Our beliefs about money are ingrained in us from an early age. If your parents or primary caregivers were always stressed about money, you could be unconsciously creating situations that cause you to experience that same kind of stress. [Read more…]

Steal This Email Campaign and Double Your Coaching Business

When offering a group class, online course, or VIP coaching program, a big portion of your sales are likely to come from your email list.

If you’ve done your due diligence building a list of subscribers who know, like, and trust you, filling group program slots or selling a new product is as easy as sending an email.


Er, probably not. Even if you’ve built a list of superfans, you still need to move subscribers through a dedicated sales funnel to encourage them to buy. Higher-priced courses may even need a phone sales session in order to convince prospects that you’re offering an insane amount of value for the price. [Read more…]

Live Events for Coaches: How to conceive, create, and promote your first event

Live events are the #1 way for life coaches, wellness experts and fitness trainers to build authority with their audience. Here’s how to produce your first event in 5 easy steps.

Live events are big ticket items in any entrepreneur’s sales funnel, but they are especially important for life/wellness coaches and fitness professionals.

Hosting a live event allows your audience to meet you in person, experience your message firsthand, and get excited about the products, services, and programs you offer. [Read more…]

The Best Link Building System for Coaches and Trainers

Link Building 101: What it is, why you need it, and how to do it

Link building is one of those fancy SEO terms that is commonly misunderstood by coaches, trainers, and all types of small business owners.

That, coupled with the fact that Google is constantly changing its algorithms, and it’s no wonder most wellness professionals are scratching their heads in confusion!

The good news is you don’t have to have a Ph.D. in SEO to understand link building and use it to drive more traffic to your website, find more clients, and increase your business revenue.

Let’s take a look at what link building is, why it’s important for your business, and how to use it in your online marketing. [Read more…]

How Coaches and Trainers are Using Pinterest Marketing to Score More Clients

Pinterest Marketing Must-have’s for Coaches and Trainers

If you’re not using Pinterest marketing, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful social media tools for coaches and trainers – especially those who work in the health and wellness industry.

Health, fitness, exercise, and personal growth pins are consistently rated among the most popular on Pinterest.

That means they’re shared the most among Pinterest users and result in the most click-through’s to the pinner’s website. [Read more…]