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Old School Strategies that Still Work for Coaches to Score Clients

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The advancement in technology has brought changes in almost every segment of the market, but still, there are a few marketplaces where old school strategies still work, more or less.

From new tech releasing every minute to new startup businesses every hour to varied opportunities that are knocking at our doorsteps, it’s a busy chaotic world. Recurring thoughts for people every once while does linger that, “Have I achieved enough?”, “Is this my true potential?’, “can I do better than what I am doing?’ Sometimes this doubt and zeal for a change towards betterment and efficiency are where the coaches come into the picture.

From lifestyle, productivity, efficiency, corporate performance to health wellness and fitness no area of expertise is beyond the reach of the coaches. Therefore, the scope of expert coaches is vast and varied. If you are associated with the field of coaching be it any area of expertise you know scoring a client for your portfolio is one of the most integral processes of coaching before anything else and undoubtedly one of the most exhausting as well.

Although, nowadays there are ample ways to attract clients such as social media marketing tools, advertising and use of catchy and interesting graphic designs and technology to reach out to clients. But the truth also remains that there still are some strategies that might be considered old-school in comparison to digital invasion but their effectiveness is unquestioned and unprecedented.

Here are some old-school proven strategies that can help coaches to score more clients successfully.

Rediscovering the lost human touch, the first and foremost step when it comes to scoring new clients. You might have invested quite a lot in advertising campaigns but if you are not reaching out to your potential clients on a personal level then you are missing out an opportunity. Make sure you are heard, try and set up face to face meeting when possible informal intimate settings. Since a coach is an agent for change, they are the people who can alter people’s belief system. Therefore, your chances of scoring a client greatly increase when you reach out to them on a personal level, since an agent of change definitely knows the art of persuasion as well.

Pitching yourself to a known audience can actually translate to successfully getting clients. In many cases, it has been observed that people who know you & trust you are more receptive to your ideas as compared to complete strangers. When you are a novice coach who is starting out in this field it is important that you reach out to acquaintances and people in your closed and extended circles who you believe might need your expertise and know you considerably rather than pitching to total strangers who might not be as receptive. For instance, people who are going through health and fitness issues might open up to a friend who is a fitness coach since they trust them better and are easy to access. From there the coaches can build up a broad client base on the basis of positive reviews and word of mouth.

Identify the scorching issues based on your area of expertise & write a complete guide on that issue, to attract the right audience towards. Writing guides on problem and issues relevant to your area of expertise builds your image as an expert coach in your field. People are more likely to approach coaches whose material they have read. For instance, if a coach has a published guide or e-book on topics of anger management or a guide to symptoms of stress, you might come upon research on people who are dealing with stress and pressure.

Offer value for free or share freebies, is another sort of a persuasion technique. At times people do not even know that they need services of a coach this is where coaches have to make use of psychological persuasion to impart the realization of a coach’s need in their lives. At times offering people one on one 15-20 minutes session as a freebie or offering to solve a minor issue free of cost adds value and prestige in a coach’s services which often result in successful clients and rapport building as well. These valued experiences lure clients towards the coach.

Finding the right audience to score a potential client, is quite similar to surveying & scoping study. It is important for coaches to know their audience since that’s where their potential clients are. In case you are a corporate wellness coach your ideal audience will most likely be found in an industry mixer or a business exhibit rather than at a sports club. Therefore, it is important for coaches to know what target socializing spots for their targeted audience are in order to transform the audience to their client. Arranging small focus group discussion events also bring the right audience towards the coaches for instance if some people are intrigued with a holistic approach to life and do not find like-minded people among their own circle, they will surely pay heed to your focus group event. This is where like-minded people will be able to hear you out along with sharing their own experiences and this exchange of ideas might bring potential clients.

Understanding your expertise and strengths is very essential in getting clients and building a steady and stable client base. Once a coach understands their expertise and strength it is essential to stick to it. Per say a coach excels at corporate wellness and a new client comes and asks them to analyze their advertisement campaign efficiency and reach; clearly it might be a connected area but it is not the coach’s strength, therefore, it is better to turn away this client rather than taking them up and not being able to deliver the best work. This act of turning away the clients actually has proven to increase the credibility and value of the coaches resulting in more clients.

Public speaking and relatability with audience and clients is an important part of coaching career and these aspects result in steady clients. For a coach with any area of expertise, it is essential to put themselves on stage, present themselves, share their experiences and stories. Through public speaking, the coaches can also aptly deliver as how they can add value to their client’s lives. Although it is important for coaches to know and understand what topics will engage their audience and pull them in for effective public speaking.

Strong communication and fostering contacts, actually lead to successful client hunt for many coaches. As much as it is important to reach out to potential clients it is equally important to nurture contacts whether they become clients or not. When you are pursuing a client, it is possible that things do not turn out the way want at that point of time, and mostly we just leave that contact astray. Although if in such cases coaching professionals make an effort to stay connected with their contacts such as wishing on special occasions or sending information about new offers and services as well as inviting them to relevant events shows dedication and support to the contacts. If one of these contacts will ever need coaching services you might become their first option to go to. Therefore, building strong communication is the key to getting potential clients.

Creating an image that is dependable, supportive and has an air of confidence is also very important for coaches. When people come to a coach, they want someone who they will offer solutions to their problems. Therefore, a personality that shows empathy and sustenance pulls people towards them. Although coaches should not alter their personalities by any means they should definitely work on their image development, as certain charm and charisma also bring clients towards the coaches.

Hence, on the basis of above points, we can safely conclude that even though getting clients through advertising and marketing through different social media platforms plays an integral part, nowadays, but it is equally important not to underestimate the importance of old school strategies for coaches when it comes to scoring clients.

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